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How the thematic conception of establish article
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Conception points to the center of establish article. The center is the soul of the article, it is the masterstroke of perforative full text. The select material of the article, structure, language conveys the obligation that accepts a center, the ancients has said: "Meaning You Shuai also, without Shuai Zhibing, calling black closes. " means says, the center is just like command, without command taxi arms, call it mob only. So, how well Where is the center of establish article? To this on one hand, I made a few small exploration.

One, conception seeks new law

Alleged conception seeks new law, guide a student to use his original eye namely, distinctive thinking, go disentombing material accumulate contained times content, conception gives the method of the clou that has period flavor. Apply conception to seek new law, can write an article that has times distinguishing feature.

For example: " did not think of really... " one problem, a classmate writes so: Neighbour king uncle is a section chief of a factory formerly, after the factory closes down, he also come off sentry duty, originally happy family also is enveloped went up shadow. After a few months, the worker that is the same as a factory with him sought a profession oneself mostly, but Uncle Wang puts no less than frame to seek job however, groan in the home all the day, woebegone. Can classes are over one day on the road, I arrive wayside the bicycle that places newly repairs a bicycle by booth, did not think of booth advocate it is Uncle Wang unexpectedly. Uncle Wang still is laughing to say: "I mount guard. Be concerned about face-saving before, now be enlightened, want to rely on both hands labor to earn money only, dou Guangrong! " this article by Uncle Wang " come off sentry duty " arrive " mount guard " , reflected the change of idea of people obtain employment, have powerful period flavor.

Be like again: " a person that I respect " one problem, before writing prevenient establish " why to respect " this one center. Right now, can guide a student to choose a few reasons that have period flavor, because of,be like someone " anti-corruption is defeated " and respect. Come so, call a student to write again " a person that I do not like " , the student can think of Li Hongzhi immediately, think of he cruellies kill people's thought and the reason that establish does not like. Such article has period flavor of course.

2, conception seeks strange way

Alleged conception seeks strange way, it is to point to write the conception method that convention does not fall when article and gives a person unexpected. In other words, apply converse thinking to give an article the method of conception namely, we also can say for " rebound lute law " .

For example: "Be there just to make up the number " this phrasal and most person knows, average person thinks this criticism, acid is south Mr Guo, because he does not have genuine ability and learning, mix inside the connoisseur to make up the number however. From this angle understanding, this is to beg with thinking. We also can apply the thinking that seek other to come conception: King of criticize neat announce. If not be he likes to listen to 300 people to play an ancient wind instrument together, how is Na Guoxian born to you can be mixed? In current business, either there is a lot of " Qi Xuan king " ? Come so, the conception of the article is met chic.
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