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8 years the China since autumn implements urban and rural and free compulsory ed
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Wen Jiabao of premier of electric the State Council chaired xinhua net Beijing 30 days on July 30 courtyard of Wu of call together found a state is standing the conference, study deploy absolves urban obligation to teach level student to learn incidental expenses to work in the round, discuss and the principle is passed " amendment of exclusive law of People's Republic of China (draft) " .

Conference decision, from Summer 2008 semester begins, absolve urban obligation to teach level student to learn incidental expenses entirely inside countrywide limits. The obligation that guarantees policy family to enjoying townsman lowest to live teachs level student, continue to supply text book freely, accessorial to the lodging student of domestic economy difficulty living cost.

The conference points out, on the basics that teachs funds to ensure a mechanism to reform in obligation of comprehensive executive country, absolve urban obligation to teach level student to learn incidental expenses, farther aggrandizement government ensures responsibility to what obligation teachs, teach balanced evolution to driving obligation, stimulative education is fair, have important sense. Various places, each should unite a thought about the branch, improve knowledge, elaborate organization, ensure absolve urban obligation to teach level student to learn incidental expenses to work to be carried out smoothly, the favour cogent had done. Want to perfect urban obligation to teach funds to ensure a mechanism, strengthen budgetary management, deal with each defray strictly according to the budget, forbidden crowded occupy, hold back, divert obligation teachs funds. 2 want normative city obligation to teach level service collect fees and era collects fees. Collect fees project and standard want classics is provincial people government is authorized, hold to a student to be mixed of one's own accord blame seek profits principle, carry out education strictly to collect fees fair show a system. 3 should cogent had solved go into town Wu work staff follows issue of change children go to school. Go into town Wu work staff accepts compulsory education to be given priority to in order to flow into the ground along with change children, make public managerial school is given priority to solve; To according with local government the regulation receives the children of the condition that follow move, should arrange the fair education in nearby as a whole school read, absolve learn incidental expenses, do not collect fee of study at a school on a temporary basis. 4 it is to accepting a government to entrust, the student that the school of run by the local people that assumes compulsory education job reads, according to place make public managerial school is absolved learn incidental expenses standard, enjoy allowance.

The conference emphasizes, in absolve urban obligation to teach level while the student learns incidental expenses, each district should increase rural obligation to teach supportive strength further, funds investment continues to tilt to the country, key consolidate and the school building that transform existence safety hidden danger, strengthen a country to lodge control school construction, increase the allowance of difficult to domestic economy lodging student, solve obligation of nice rural area to teach children of pedagogic pay and country staying behind to live in school study stage by stage problem.
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