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The parent should learn how to love the child
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The child is the hope of family person, everybody can love his child, but love is not a simple question however. Very may much person can ask: "Who won't love the child? " actually otherwise, loving the child is to have cultured very much.

Is love to do not have a condition

The family of educational consist in of love is close child with school teachers and students, the education of love surmounted general education go-between to teach person knowledge, person the form of tubal person behavior, it is a person the integral character education that penitentiary person, person inspires a person.

With the object of love and to the child's character character, loving the child do not have a condition; Look from the level that teachs a method, regard love as educational method or method, the Shi Yu of love is conditional. The issue that child ability place reachs was accomplished, obtain parental love consequently, such ability have educational sense, what just can make the child experiences love is true with value. The child that asks an aptitude is medium for instance is in school success be among the best of candidates, be disagreement reason is exacting, be without active meaning besides because this is scanty far parentage. And the child that asks 10 years old classeses are over everyday after coming home complete work in time, otherwise disapprobation the requirement that he goes to see a movie on the weekend, such fair and reasonable love ability.

Want to learn to understand the child

Elementary school period is habit of education child learning and interest is optimal period, and the middle school belongs to youth to go against instead period, want to pay attention to the education of capacity of child couple truck, communication ability. Middle school period is the 2nd fastigium of development of child human body, behave not only in respect of height, weight, and its secondary sex characteristic has apparent change more, if the schoolboy begins to grow body hair, crack, occurrence seminal emission to wait, and the schoolgirl's breast begins apophysis, skin to become exquisite, menstruation comes tide and occurrence whelk. Accompanying the change of physiology, its psychology characteristic also is changed slowly, begin to have intense independent tendency, self-awareness develops quickly; Mood and emotion may become impatient, control force is poor; Thought development already approached adult level; Longing understands sexual knowledge, produce curiosity and love to the opposite sex, good before the opposite sex performance but lose one's head. At that time they also had the trouble of a lot of difficult character: Pay close attention to oneself appearance, like to look in the mirror; Be full of an illusion, good day dream; Begin to masturbate; How to interact with the opposite sex; How should do after all study is bad wait.

Want to help child success

Successful experience can foster the child's self-respect and self-confidence, if succeed over failure, he will nurturance is consequently assiduous the disposition of enterprising, dare to face difficult challenge, continue to go after a success later. Conversely, fail over success, if have failure only,did not succeed even, criterion he demotes nurturance of hard to avoid oneself self-abased disposition, dare not face the real difficulty in the life. The parent should reduce a demand appropriately, have proper help, make the child acquires the attitude that goes after a success from inside failure,
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