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The information quality with unripe middle and primary school reachs his to fost
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21 centuries are information age. Information quality is the necessary quality with information age unripe middle and primary school, the discretion of information quality is affecting the efficiency that teachs teacher and student and quality directly. The article passes the analysis of pair of information and information quality meaning, discussed middle and primary school to give birth to the structure of information quality and content, put forward to foster middle and primary school to give birth to the principle of information quality and measure.
Information of 〔 keyword 〕 ; Information quality; Middle and primary school is unripe

As the swift and violent development of the IT that is a delegate with computer technology, communication technology, network technology, multimedia computer and network technology got applied extensively in each domains of the society, changing the job of people, life and study way stage by stage. The human society of 21 centuries already entered information period, the market prise of software giant Microsoft exceeds the country such as Luxembourg, Holand the summation of GDP. The rate of information content growth of whole mankind society is rapidder and rapidder, especially the explosive type of scientific knowledge grows, 90% of the scientific knowledge gross that the scientific knowledge that makes the mankind comes nearly 30 years occupies throughout history to accumulate. IT is applied mediumly in educational education, make the student's study produced complete change, the pupil can learn to the teacher on traditional sense not only, still can pass email, online discussion, the interactive mode such as network conference learns to the expert inside global limits, scholar; Study data has the textbook that basically behaves with article character date not only, still have the electronic teaching material that waits for a variety of symbolization with character, image, drawing, sound, animation; Can read education content according to linear order not only, OK still the need according to oneself, interest, undertake those who exceed media teaching material read with nonlinear order. Middle and primary school gives birth to faced information content to jump, field knits means and administrative pattern to be changed greatly, how to get wants useful information in the information of tremendous amount of, boundless, how to undertake effective treatment, processing to useful information, the study that how uses contemporary information tool to have efficient, high quality, crucial to the student. Accordingly, the serious research, information quality that ponders over a student, the information quality that takes effective measures to foster and raise a student is a when urgent need solves information age serious problem.
One, the meaning of information quality
The father Shen Nong of information theory interprets news is an abstract quantity, think " information is the difference of inconstancy 2. Inconstancy is not clear to thing understanding, do not know. Information eliminates people to recognize the uncertainty that go up namely. "Accordingly, decrease or eliminate information can be regarded is uncertainty. Cybernatic father dimension offer says: "Information is we are getting used to the outer world, and make this kind suits counteractive in the process at the outer world, have the name of commutative content with the outer world. "Can say, information is the content that controls a system to exchange interaction each other. The author thinks, information is the common property of all material, it is the content of the phenomenon that behaves external object change and feature and rule, through proper corporeal carrier form report comes out it.
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