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Ding Yisha of Number One Scholar of Beijing liberal art: Have the individual cha
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When 2008 the university entrance exam (Q) the aureola of Number One Scholar of Beijing liberal art is enveloped when she goes up personally, she chose silent; When the flashlight when numerous media aims her, she rejected all interviewing. This is Ding Yisha, beijingClick examine Beijing and more city weather forecast4 medium tall 3 students, number One Scholar of liberal art of Beijing the university entrance exam.

Classmaster Mr. Peng colourful that Tecent teachs the Ding Yisha that connect a line, from inside the introduction of Mr. Peng, we can experience Ding Yisha's extraordinary probably.

Ding Yisha obtains liberal art Number One Scholar, outside Mr. Peng looks and unexpectedlying, "Beijing 4 in outstanding like Ding Yisha student has a lot of, who gets Number One Scholar or who does not get Number One Scholar to won't feel accident. Beijing 4 in it is a kind of such atmosphere, do not make up a missed lesson at ordinary times, do not impose a tax, take the own space that has a lot of to the student, never want to take an examination of Number One Scholar too to student conduct propaganda. Although this exam is important, but the exclusive target that should not become the child, we value the long evolution of child future more. Ding Yisha learns at ordinary times very assiduous, very firm, also very auger, work to have will particularly. I think this is the main reason with her successful exam. I think this is the main reason with her successful exam..

Mentioning Ding Yisha is a what kind of student, mr. Peng gave such answer: "The own space that the school takes to the student is very much, this needs the time that the student comes from personal him program. Ding Yisha is the student with very strong ability of time of a program, own study, study efficiency is very tall. But the student that she is not a be a bookworm, she is very zealous also enter collective activity, the relation with the classmate is very good also. I hear of then from the classmate, she is interested in the respect such as caricature, network quite, a lot of things she is very clear. Additional, in nature field, although she is a bit indrawn, not make public, but the idea that has oneself very much, see a person see a thing have his point of view. Summary, Baconian capability is very strong, encounter a problem often oneself are solved. If say she is mixed other with age if what the child has to differ, that is she has an idea very much, look further than general child more comprehensive, pay attention to oneself long-term development more. I think, this also should be she sees weak Number One Scholar, reject the matter that media covers. Reject the matter that media covers..

After making up: A word of Mr. Peng, let us have to Ding Yisha probably understanding. She is a such individual character title conferred on the one who came first in the highest imperial examination that have an idea. Perhaps, she what reject aureola of Number One Scholar, can go weller on the following road.
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