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Shanxi division of unity and coherence in writing of 08 the university entrance
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Liberal art of 2008 the university entrance exam the first: Wang Yue

Study also is a wonderful thing

Read the school: Article of center of education of Yang Quanyong flourishing actors or actress especially class

The first volunteer: Institute of government of Beijing University brilliance is industrial and commercial management

Always divide: 633

Chinese: 121 maths: 131 foreign languages: 132 liberal art are integrated: 249

During elementary school, elementary school of sanded on mine stage reads Wang Yue, the middle school learns in 3 mine all the time. In her memory, study result maintains well all the time, wang Yue took an examination of 587 minutes last year, although obtained a line, but because was not taken an examination of,attend Tsinghua college, decide take lessons after school one year so.

Through effort of a year, wang Yue carried off with achievement of 633 minutes Number One Scholar of liberal art of complete this year province. After knowing oneself make title conferred on the one who came first in the highest imperial examination of complete province liberal art,

Yang Quanyong flourishing teachs Director Zhao Junhua of the center to introduce, student Wang Yue learns at ordinary times active, study the title is lucid and careful, and like to solve a problem in time, teacher-student relationship is handled more harmoniously; Say natively to a take lessons after school, she has a healthy state of mind, had taken an examination of continue hard, one's deceased father was bungled to search a question seriously; And Wang Yue is more self-confident also, this also promotes what she studies result to rise. According to introducing, this is this school after from 1994 Li Tao captures to save liberal art Number One Scholar completely, pick again take laurel.

Study also is a wonderful thing

Him refer is learning medium experience, wang Yue says frankly: Create a harmonious learning environment, learn mental talent height to center, study also becomes a wonderful issue.
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