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How to approach the mark of the exam correctly
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As each district tall 3 spread out and draw near of the university entrance exam what always review stage by stage, all sorts of exams begin to become more and more frequent. The mark is become let examinee people jubilate now a of tomorrow care main factor, accordingly, the parent and examinee should learn how to can approach exam mark correctly. Want to understand the useful information that contains in him mark already, want to be able to remove the negative effect that fractional place brings in time again. For example: Some classmates take an examination of better more, but, more and more fear an examination, afraid next time the mark is inferior to previously, want at this moment much from subjective on understanding mark, see this is the result that him ability improves; Conversely, when achievement glides, much from go up objectively analytic mark, find out wrong value, this is very helpful to stabilizing a mood.

So, where is the mark that how knows oneself? A lot of content were contained in small fraction actually.

Above all, the mark is examine very well, count us to whether can slant certainly through cent division; And must as soon as possible adopts measure to rise slant the achievement of the division.

Next, it can help the scotoma of certain course, often lose the place of cent namely, what explain this one's duty allows you to master is not solid, you need to regard intellectual scotoma as to learn and consolidate it, insist to solve problem of a scotoma everyday next, after lasting for some time, can discover, the problem that puzzles you truly becomes very few;

The 3rd, decide from the mark answering question is politic:

1) time plan: Some classmates always cannot be inside formulary time finish the problem, the mark is not high because won't be done,not be or it is to do incorrect, because be not done,be over however, so time allocation became a when the worry should be born big question, the fellow student that is put in this kind of problem wants to notice, take an exam to want to make the arrangement that shift to an earlier date every time, reasonable allocation every kinds of problem place needs time;

2) difficult easy degree: The arrangement of difficult easy degree is very important also, be sure to keep in mind to want to become easy problem first, difficult problem is become after, if looked a long time to still do not have train of thought, be about to swing a title. Of course this also needs exquisite skill, scarcely wants blind blank to swing a title, we will undertake particular way be discussed jointly in retrospective content;

The 4th, fix defect of answering question technology: If solution problem train of thought is very correct but always do not take full marks however, this undertakes was correctioned to answering question skill with respect to need;

Anyhow, when facing a mark, our reflection should not stay in digital size face merely, want to try to get more information from which however, find interference all sorts of elements that our achievement raises, solve its one by one, final implementation raises the goal of achievement.
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