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Shanxi division of unity and coherence in writing of 08 the university entrance
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2008 the university entrance exam (Q) achievement is announced, liberal art the first, science department the first central point that makes everybody pay close attention to. What bring a surprise to everybody this year is two schoolgirls, one comes from TaiyuanClick examine Taiyuan and more city weather forecast, one comes from Yang Quan. They cast their dream to Beijing University. This is my province from 2002 since, appear for the first time two the first circumstance that the name signs up for a school together. BeijingClick examine Beijing and more city weather forecastThe university expresses, the first when save each this year can apply for first prize to learn gold 50 thousand yuan.

Different life contrail, different study is experienced, we are shared jointly here.

Science department of 2008 the university entrance exam the first: Li Ran

Calm and easy walk into Beijing University

Read the school: Taiyuan 18 in (2 outside)

The first volunteer: Beijing University class of experiment of science department of Yuan Peixue courtyard

Always divide: 687

Chinese: 125 maths: 141Foreign language: 144 science department are integrated: 277

Be in be informed his is science department the first name hind, plum Ran Diyi time reached the school. In the headmaster's study, with teacher of oneself classmaster, mathematics, the hug that everybody bears fruit. Teachers are particularly excited to this achievement, li Ran is very calm however, to each congratulationing her teacher anounces easy smile. Think of time 4 years, 18 in harvest a liberal art the first, a science department the first, president Zhang Ling gives each attendant teacher bow one's thanks.

Adore each teachers

Li Ran always ascribes his achievement to if listening to a teacher. The word that uses mathematical teacher is told, this child one very different respected namely, adore each teachers, all along not self-righteous. Li Ran expresses, oneself feel everybody has respective study method. "With respect to me character, the teacher assuming a tax that I feel to like each course is the most important basics that learns this one lesson. The teacher assuming a tax that I feel to like each course is the most important basics that learns this one lesson..
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