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Take an examination of in draw near, how does examinee overcome all sorts of ang
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In facing, take an examination of, examinee can have various idea in reviewing a process, also facing various psychological difficult problem, this is important exam when classmates arrive to be encountered greatly as a child after all, how to adjust good psychology, develop the standard of oneself adequately on examination room, appear particularly important...   problem one, " as in the drawing near that take an examination of, pressure is greater and greater, the mood more and more be agitated... "
Treat an exam actually, measurable insecurity and the psychological pressure with have constant are inevitable, this is helpful for transferring the individual's enthusiasm and intellective potential, study a good result. But if pressure is too great, look overweightly to checking branch, plus revise a plan not, temporarily " clasp Budda's feet-profess devotion only when in trouble " , before taking an examination of " burn the midnight oil " , exam hope is scant, behave beyond the mark insecurity, can affect exam result. Should try correctly to need checking so and check branch, do good exam around to review preparation adequately, should accomplish during the exam strike a proper balance between work and rest, have Zhang Youchi, confidence is dye-in-the-wood, ability be sure of success.
The reaction that handles the side such as the mood that pressure has created, behavior and physiology can use these methods:
1, Shu Jie mood. Proper mood drain, adjust quickly mood; The change is cognitive, easy interprets a sentiment. Actually the problem is absent mood itself, important is party reachs a depression to the twist of the mood, just caused all sorts of problems.
2, adjust behavior. "Thinking block is broken " it is a kind of finer craftsmanship that adjusts behavior. When occurrence pressure, say OK and decisively to oneself " stop " , at the same time enclasp fist, repeat him order again, can interrupt original train of thought so, after having process of a halt, want to focus attention on the thing that does not have any pressure to you, new establishment is self-confident.
3, control undesirable physiology response.
Problem 2, " although I also know enter a higher school is right my importance, but I still take no less than coming, read a book irritated. Read a book irritated..
Such study sentiment generates possibly, but should transform as soon as possible, can mix between billow take time otherwise weaken a volition. Although the exam draws near, but the mood still wants to stabilize, avoid by all means is blundering. It is OK that Wen Shuying is taken an examination of good go up those who had added. Want to had held oneself, on the foundation of the knowledge that has mastered in oneself, capture and use only time of many days 30 of remnant, learn solidly, the key is firm and indomitable, enhance self-confidence. Arrive more " sprint " level, want to be able to support so that live more, oneself are compared with oneself, make study crosses a step again. Until there is optimal play in exam spot.
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