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How can Chinese classroom just provide vitality more
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Since March, according to school whole the job is arranged, chinese discipline commission undertakes following hall attend a lecture for many times, spread out delibrate in time seriously. On last forum, we think consistently: Current Chinese teachs learned problem, put the issue that be in all the time actually namely for years; Chinese teachs learned problem, it is the problem that all course exist actually -- the vitality problem of classroom. Main show is:
The student of 1. answer problem is less and less, and as grade increase by degrees, the number present of raise one's hand reduces a current. The teacher quizs, or call-overs directly, or is centered on body of a few classmates.
The student that 2. dares to raise a question is done not have almost -- say well and truly, it is to do not have an opportunity to raise a question.
The desire of classroom of 3. teacher dominant and capability are very strong, dash along, bewitched, passion 4 shoot, student however free is mixed in classroom the surface of text, or specious, twinkle its word, or retreat house corner, the face does not have expression, or energy is dispersive, disturbed classroom.
Education speaks namely, but be on such classroom, conversational deepness, range, effect is spent got be challenged all-timely, such education also very it's hard to say is effective education.
The interest that what reason makes the student lost a dialog be? Be what reason makes the host of classroom instead fall back on the brim of classroom? The influence of the collect inside eliminate, low-key culture psychology, what does our Chinese teacher need to think over?

Think over one: You " what to teach " ?
"What to teach " compare forever " how to teach " important, it is a fixed education rule.
The Sun Shaozhen with Fujian old division is taught, the difficulty of Chinese education announced to us in ever was being compared. He says, science or the authority of foreign language teacher is built in make the student never understands, never know foregone. And Chinese teacher, do not have such petty gain however. What they face is not perplexed and alarmed is sealed person, however self-righteous " foregone person " . If cannot from its foregone in announce piece sealed, point out they feel the blind spot that goes up with understanding, will foregone translate into is sealed, announce again Demosthenicly profound mystery, let their suddenly see the light, likely disappoint teacher this glorious title. Chinese teachs the mission of division, should compare the Hua Heying that figure reason language teacher is arduous much, get gloriously also much. Several manage change the explanation of pedagogic English teacher, often be off-the-peg, the whole world is accepted, and Chinese teacher, the life that needs to use oneself however goes distinctive realization, exploration and discovery. Insufficient the person of such tasks, have a kind of idea, it is deceive, the family foregone regard as sealed, inspect its sealed be like nonexistent, it is repeatedly beyond text work as a guerrilla, will best-know, off-the-peg, need not of comprehension, the knowledge that does not have life chatters repeatedly, factitious even ground makes difficult point, ego puzzles, mockingly student. Such teacher for nothing disappoint oneself life. Chinese is indocile, wanting hard hard from the student foregone in announce sealed; Chinese is good religion, good fortunately easy deceive, mockingly student. The person listens to say ceaselessly when no wonder goes to school, it is the person can teach Chinese. "Of cure good treat not ill think result " , be deceive so advocate.
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