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Review a method to discuss
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Current, tall 3 classmates had reviewed ABC more adequately, the university entrance exam of each school (Q) review also begin to enter course special training and science department train level integratedly, various and of all kinds " imitate " also will come in succession. This paragraph of time, it is right " memorial sex " knowledge consolidates and network and the crucial phase that should try ability integratedly to promote. Had used this paragraph of valuable time, the effect that has get twice the result with half the effort. When does the author put forward to suggest for examinee here, offer reference only.

One, be aimed at " science department is integrated " , search answer shortcut
The examination questions of the university entrance exam that from nearly 4 years of Tianjin own life makes and " Tianjin of unified exam of whole nation of recruit students of common 2008 colleges and universities coils specification " in light of, the university entrance exam " manage put together " examination questions structure is stabilized basically. All is each him course trunk knowledge of check of great majority examination questions, have the examination questions with the integrated across between course rarely, so somebody coils such group means is called " assorted cold dishes " . Nevertheless, will manage, change, the title that gives birth to 3 divisions puts check together, still have a lot of candidate for an entrance examination incommensurate, affect normal play of the level thereby. For this, author proposal examinee is reviewing level to should be in " manage put together " accomplish in the exercise " 3 hold " :

1. holds answering question early or late ordinal. Should be in " manage put together " fumble gradually when the exam the optimal answering question that suits oneself is ordinal. The proposal answers first oneself most adept course, answer first oneself most " expert " problem. Such doing, save time already benefit at enhancing self-confidence, often can feel " do more suitable more " , the humor is better, horizontal play has been jumped over naturally.

2. holds the time of answering question to allocate. The university entrance exam " manage put together " answering question time is 150 minutes, always divide 300 minutes. Must be calculated simply 2 minutes by 1 minute, 3 minutes do not exceed when choice title is used every, best control is in 2 minutes of less than (the rest of time leave big problem or check) , 21 choices title is sure to be inside 1 hour finish, had better finish inside 45 minutes. Press course difficult easy computation, 55 minutes are made an appointment with when chemistry is used, physics makes an appointment with 70 minutes, biology makes an appointment with 25 minutes.

3. holds answering question " take " " abandon " principle. What should learn to judge a title quickly is difficult answering question of easy, estimation is time-consuming, it is easy to be done first, cost short title, difficulty big, answering question costs long thematic in the future to put. The title that avoids to notch easily does not have time to do however finally. Very big to individual difficulty topic, want to dare to abandon. Put time and energy in those oneself more on confident title, the likelihood is right of integral mark rise more effective.
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