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Shallow talk how to prepare lessons with several kinds form
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Preparing lessons is the basic link with indispensable education, it is the preparation with classroom necessary education, have good subject is the premise of superior class. Prepare lessons by join a number cent collective prepares lessons and individual prepare lessons, and can divide again by time prepare lessons for the foundation, prepare lessons before Zhou Bei class, class, prepare lessons after the class, prepare lessons all the year round.
Our very much teacher is used to semester preparing lessons (this term course education plans the formulate at the beginning of semester) and class hour prepares lessons, attend a class namely, fully the teaching material content of a class, religion law, learn law, writing on blackboard... etc, this is to attend class the teacher should do, belong to a foundation to prepare lessons. Common saying says: "On the stage one minute, below the stage 10 years of result " , want to obtain favorable classroom education result, still must preparing lessons fluctuate one time hard work. How had done prepare lessons the job, a few practice that the author combines below are experienced, talk about a few practices that prepare lessons to political course.
The first, collective prepares lessons.
Collective prepares lessons is now a kind when use generally raise education level prepare lessons method, the meaning that collective prepares lessons depends on letting the scintilla of wisdom of teacher communication, collision, implementation education natural resources is shared. Collective prepares lessons even if everybody studies education together, it is such form commonly, teachers sit together to undertake to the key of the class, difficulty delibrate and discuss this subject how should go up, everybody may have his method, youth thinking is active, old teacher is seasoned, pass communication, everybody can learn from others's strong points to offset his weakness, the view that agrees basically is obtained on law of teaching material teaching, form program of first-rate classroom education. But teach without calm law, each one still should make the education plan that can foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses according to oneself specialty.
Prepare lessons in collective in, division how is the period that assumes a teacher to discuss this week jointly arranged, how content should organize classroom education according to education. Prepare lessons through collective, pedagogic professional skill can get bigger rise, yi Ke of discipline education quality gets bigger rise. But still a few teacher knows inadequacy to this, take seriously insufficient, collective will prepare lessons when just attending open class. Even extremely individual teacher prepares lessons collective understand a fault, the education grade of afraid others is higher than oneself, prepare lessons to just flow at the form to collective, conservative even misdirect.
The 2nd, Zhou Bei class.
Alleged week prepares lessons, just as its name implies, should have namely the education content of a week. The teacher should know before education this one class wants the content that interpret not only, the relevant content that knows this subject even includes the knowledge of around to contact, and this class is in what position in the education of this week, form complete political knowledge network, only such, the teacher just can accomplish the content that holds each a bit from whole when education, make oneself education in an orderly way, accomplish around be well versed in, the key is outstanding, detailed slightly proper, the knowledge competence that is helpful for raising a student, accelerate study plan, improve education efficiency, aid better at the student land to hold intellectual network from time to tome together, make intellectual systematization.
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