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The zoology that is based on circumstances study theory changes pre-test of phys
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"Zoology is changed " the concept already was used at teaching a domain. Home has a scholar to forecast: "Prospective education will present the development trend that gives zoology change, probable a this is educational development new era, teach zoology to spend a period namely. " " educational zoology is changed " have two meanings, it is to regard a kind of thinking as means, from education the system reachs his sex of the integral sex of external environment, balance sex, harmonious oneness, connection, dynamic sex, accrete sex and open sex isogon are spent ponder over educational issue; 2 it is to serve as a kind of ideal, target and value orientaton, hope education system reachs his external environment incline to or achieve " best " " efficient " with " harmonious development " condition. This kind of zoology watched the problem that in pondering over system of education of middle school physics for us, exists to offer new perspective, examine teacher and student of current middle school physics to carry out with this, can discover this microcosmic ecosystem inside and outside exists between a lot of element not harmonious or " unbalance " problem. New the zoology that courses of education of round of foundation reforms changes orientaton and circumstances study to be us to solved these problems to point out direction theoretically, provided academic basis.

One, teacher and student of middle school physics exists " unbalance " problem analysis

One when in the whole nation 16 municipalities that visit town undertake about " satisfaction of course of average high school spends survey " the result shows, include teacher and student inside personage of social all circles is right " the society with unripe high school gets used to ability " satisfactory rate is insufficient 20% , lowest is in index is investigate in each, the middle school course with this current specification is promoting knowledge migratory respect is put in serious problem. [2] change a perspective to examine teacher and student of current middle school physics from zoology, the account with the practice conflicting intelligence of the intelligence of physics course of study that in discovering the student is taught in the school, obtains and real life and social place need, of all respects in depending on physical education system " unbalance " .

The first, education circumstances and actual circumstances unbalance. Physical concept and rule are not without foundation generation, their build and discovery has solid test base experiment standing tall and upright can offer actual circumstances to learn, and a few teachers often with telling experiment, computer fictitious experiment is replaced do real test, this kind breaks away from the knowledge that actual circumstances simplified greatly, those who promote is inflexible, half-baked, peripheral understanding.

The 2nd, experimental circumstances and life circumstances unbalance. The study setting that lab resource provides is contracted, of scientific standard, lack the circumstances feature of real life, it is certain to have close quality, what student place masters is the academic principle with a few wraparound height, forms ability points to the activity of specific specific domain hard. And the study activity in real life is behaved undertake thinking to be in the immediate effect with the object in circumstances, incident, have open sex and alternant sex.
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