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Yang Zhenning talks about education: Engraft type may not is bad, heuristic may
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Nobel prize gainer, famous physicist Professor Yang Zhenning was in Beijing on September 16 " diplomatic institute forum " on point out, china engrafts traditionally type education is not without a single redeeming feature, heuristic education of the United States also is not one good 100 good, method of two kinds of education should learn from others's strong points to offset his weakness, produce respective advantage, just be helpful for growing teenagely. He is to making a problem be " those who put in a root 's charge think over " when spot audience quizs, the answer after the speech says this word.

Yang Zhenning thinks, american science and technology grow at a tremendous pace, have the most top talented person on the world, but make conclusions accordingly the educational mode that says the United States is best, this is basic error. He points out, chinese tradition education is paid attention to engraft type, yo of beautiful state religion is paid attention to heuristic, bad of what of actor of what of method of these two kinds of education, do not answer abstract ground, and should reply specificly, that is to say, want to look to fall in existing case, which better. He thinks, in China existing state falls, to great majority youth, chinese type education is better, because it can make 50% , ground of the quadrature in the philtrum compasses of 80% acquires a lot of knowledge and skill, do an useful to the society person, this pair of themselves, right the society has profit. And compare indulge in the United States, 50% - the youth of 80% often reads aloud farfetchedly, hard grow into useful timber; But why does American type education appear very successful? Be opposite at it very clever person, give huge freedom to spend, and these philtrum, comparative to pass the encouragement of American regime partly, the success that passes venture capital investment runs, to American society, to the mankind innovation gives very big money. So Yang Zhenning reachs the following conclusion: China should realize the gain of traditional education, hold to it and carry on go down; Absorb the good qualities that the United States teachs again at the same time, in university and academy, to particularly outstanding student, custom is loosened a few, do not restrict too to death, the person that has ability particularly at these with benefit develops acumen as early as possible socially.

With " put in a root 's charge think over " thematic speech is same, of Yang Zhenning answering question also is " of big span " , this one evaluation of diplomatic prexy Wu Jianmin got the spot the self-identity of hundreds audience. Yang Zhenning is replying " Gu Lie of the experience in the life today, erudite see pair of physics consider to have what effect more " when the problem, enjoyably him erudite call " east look, look on the west " , he says, not all east look, look to conduce to professional research on the west, but " I am in physics domain also is east look, look on the west " , because physics has been a very extensive knowledge today, include a lot of different way. And below the educational system of Chinese tradition, normally hope student goes very quickly only the road goes up, hold with not quite allow a student east look look on the west, this method is faulty. His citing says, one makes a speech, the professional direction with you is abhorrent, also should listen; Someone says, heard trashy part, because understand not. "I say I also understand a lot of time not, but understand not, cross rehear of half an year a similar speech, cross half an year to hear a similar speech again again, the speech that knows not completely 3 times adds up, I understood a few " , he is called this " permeate type to teach " , " filter type study way " , this is a kind of very effective study method. He suggests, be in current each domain is very broad, interdisciplinary below the situation with very general research, each classmate appropriate Yu Dong looks, look on the west, although exceeded professional range besides, also have profit, to the fun of life, to person and natural concern, meet many a little bit know.
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