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The family teachs expert Professor Lin Chongde to talk about a family to teach
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Investigation discovers prominent scientist is much more intellective flatly, but they have a bit more outstanding blame intelligence factor, the blame intelligence factor that rears the child is mainer.

Be in early 1950, famous psychologist of the author that intellective quantity expresses, United States Weikesile, had undertaken investigating an analysis to the intelligence of a few scientists that win nobel prize, result discovery, the neither one of intelligence quotient level of these creativity talents is to exceed constant, rather is they have a bit more outstanding blame intelligence factor. His this research result since half many century, inspiring people deeply all the time, tell people a person wants to gain a success, it is far insufficient that light relies on intelligence quotient. Education and the blame intelligence element that recruit a person, especially children is teenage, it is more important to compare education intelligence actually.

Just as its name implies, because always says,be not intellective element is opposite intelligence, think intellective element includes 7 fields commonly: Feel ability, observation ability, memorial capacity, imagine ability, tongue, thinking ability and operation skill. Be not intellective element, it is to point to of course can be opposite besides these intellective elements the element of effect of intellectual activity generation, be like tendentiousness of consciousness of affection, volition, individual character (interest, motive, ideal or achievement motive) , the respect such as temperamental, disposition. These are not intellective element, in growing process of the talent, having the effect that cannot ignore. The person with an intellectual higher level, if his blame intelligence element did not get very good development, often won't have too great success. Contrary, the person with an intellectual average level, if his blame intelligence element gets very good development, gain the success on the career possibly, make larger contribution. Science considers to make clear, be not the education of intellective element, the education that compares intellective element is more important.

So be not intellective element what to effect have to the child?

These elements have a few apparent effect: It is dynamical action. Interest is chance, motive is a person is engaged in those who learn the job inside drive force, ideal is struggling target. Put on child body, be not intellective element is the motivation of children study, it is the psychological mechanism with active study, the intellective health that can promote children develops. Study enthusiasm is tall, the attitude is true, seek knowledge desire exuberant, attention concentration, abstain ability strong, this rises with respect to what conduce to them studying result, make intelligent development and play. Conversely, be not intellective element to develop bad children, learn enthusiasm not tall, devoid consciousness, attention slack, the mood is not stable, devoid perseverance. Accordingly, the parent catchs children intelligence to develop, notice to develop the attitude that children learns seriously, responsibly, assiduously even, arouse ceaselessly children and curious be about to mix exploration spirit.
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