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3 kinds of new-style and intellective view reach his to teach enlightenment
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Nearly hundred years come, intelligence is one of focal problems of psychological theoretical argument all the time, also be the heat domain that educational theory and educational practice place pay close attention to, once a kind of intellective theory puts forward, often get a response in educational field above all. However, on intellective essential problem people still did not reach consensus up to now, of the relation of the connotation of such as intelligence and process of psychology of denotative, intellective structure, intelligence and other and psychological feature, intellective exam compile with use wait for numerous become unwoven or untwisted saying confused unable to decide which is right. Nevertheless, intellective theory still strides ahead in labyrinthian ground. The getaway of intellective research along develop with acknowledge and " language -- logistic " study way for central ration, the conventional intelligence that this says normally namely is academic, the to people intellective view in the process that develops in its and school education ever produced profound effect. However, reach what its talent view, education watchs to change to the development of intellectual make a thorough inquiry as people, the malpractice with conventional academic intelligence also is exposed without involuntary discharge of urine, a lot of investigator pose doubt and challenge to traditional and intellective view, him expression is right intellective explanation. Come nearly 20 years, the new-style and intellective view that challenges a tradition emerges in endlessly, have among them representative and have 3 kinds to teaching what the territory produces bigger effect, namely: Successful and intellective view, mood intelligence view and multivariate and intellective view.

One, successful intelligence: Surmounted a tradition " dull intelligence " , it is a kind of in order to reachs the intelligence of main goal in life, it can be brought about individual take corresponding action to direct with the target

Successful intelligence is by contemporary and famous psychologist Si Tengbai case (R.J.Sternberg) puts forward, it appears in order to oppose traditional stance, inside the eye shot of Si Tengbai case, in traditional and intellective theory " intellective " involve connotation only the dinky part in the intelligence with broad, complex structure, also be very not important part, namely so called " dull intelligence " (Inert Intelligence) . And dull intelligence is a person the intelligence that expression of the place in attending intelligence quotient exam, school work to evaluate test comes out, those who be good at attending this kind of exam is individual, in school work constant regular meeting shows the respect to go goodly qualitative, but this kind of intelligence is inflexible and did not get angry, it cannot be brought about individual take corresponding action to direct with the target. Of course, successful intelligence is not right " dull intelligence " overall is negative, regard it as a of successful intelligence organic component however; The paper pen exam of successful and intellective not negative also tradition, the discretion of score of dull and intellective test is not cloggy also do not assure individual have successful intelligence certainly, intelligence of success of this that is to say already surmounted the category of conventional intelligence, what what it discusses is the intelligence of the life end that everybody means to achieve, live namely intellective.
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