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Pan Guangdan says by education latter-day education does not have society lettin
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Pan Guangdan (1899 - 1967) word Zhong Ang, person of Jiangsu treasure mountain. One's early years is graduated from Tsinghua university, go to the United States to study abroad, hind hold the position of Tsinghua university administrative affairs of a school or college for a long time to lead, psychology of research sociology, eugenic, sex, nation history, eminent.

Pan Guangdan has a piece of famous pictures. October 1951, the first the 3rd second conference is in the the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference Beijing is held, when the conference rests, chairman Mao Zedong comes down from rostrum, teach commissarial Pan Guangdan to chat with culture of government affairs courtyard.

Investigator unscrambles this piece of photograph so: When the university on Pan Guangdan because of sports accident, broke a leg, walk disadvantageous. It is the Mao Zedong when resting sees someone else all ambulates from banquet probably, alone Pan Guang Danduan sits to did not rise, reason adds adviser especially. The photograph that Mao Zedong and others are together, mostly the niche is important, very " dew " face, and this piece, it is a back however, and the station is in aside. Mood of Pan Guangdan's committee member is full, eloquence be good at, case a few go up pile of move file, the pipe in left hand returns superabundant heat it seems that. Found a state beginning, intellectual the meantime of pleasurable, spirit appear vividly that is about to exhibit ambition. In the meantime, we from the back with courteous cacique, see the country cherishs the affection of the Yan Yan of talent of talent, put sb in a very important position not hard also. However, it is after 6 years, intellectual namely adversity befall, was infiltrated " the other register " , until " proletarian the Great Cultural Revolution " more change went " knowledge is jumped over more more reactionary " . Pan Guangdan also fails escape by sheer luck, was hit into 1957 right-wing, contained the generation that hate demit 1967. These circumstances, that Panguang on the photograph dawns place absolutely won't think of.

Collect this piece of old photograph, complier still needs Balaam: "Pan Guangdan is not a person probably hep, talk about filling brushstroke here. Pan Guangdan, sociologist, it is the teacher of Liang Qichao's student, Fei Xiaotong. It is the teacher of Liang Qichao's student, Fei Xiaotong..

Cost filial piety tells demit world this year, somebody points out exquisitely: "Changes of Chinese society culture lost most the eyewitness of acumen. " in Chinese sociology history go up, fei Xiaotong belongs to the 2nd acting learned man. Although be on real academic activity, he often catchs up with one generation person is together, but he always realizes clearly in humanness, to learn the difference of on two acting people. What he experiences " acting " difference not only confine is in sociological bound, however more widely consist in around between two acting intellectuals.

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