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Zheng deep clean talks about education: This is a time that contraindication bre
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New capital signs up for: This your be a guest " parents Yours Excellency " , those who talk basically is the topic of neuter beauty, how does yourself look to neuter beauty?

Zheng deep clean: Turn over fruit of no less than my choose occasionally, it is affirmation won't choose such. I discover now, actually the person of neuter temperament has the market, a lot of people like this kind of neuter sense. I feel the likelihood is sexual distinction 100000 metempsychosis, male become finally female, become femaly male, biology species is in developmental process, the likelihood is sexual distinction of male and female now should have trade most press close to when.

New capital signs up for: Had you been opposite this kind of society does neuter admit the change that rises to physiology level beautifully? is it aesthetic not only a kind of incline to that go up?

Zheng deep clean: Don't you think all and aesthetic with physiology be relative? Person won't what does without foundation like, be in aesthetic on nonexistent an empty hole invites the wind-weakness lends wings to rumors, it is this word that who says, existence decides consciousness.

New capital signs up for: Is this you go " cheer good man " make the experience after the commissioner?

Zheng deep clean: I looked namely at the beginning " cheer good man " program, wrote an article on rich guest next, say " good man " anthology those who come out is " good daughter " , their program series finds me later, let me become the observer of Wuhan competion area, I say, I sit over, it is the surveyor's pole of a good man.

New capital signs up for: Can be you accepted " good man " is the neutral with so apparent breath of this kind of Yin Rou beautiful?

Zheng deep clean: Actually I just also do not repel later, I never still had said this word, mix today you are to say for the first time, I transformed idea, because,be later, I had contacted a few youths, discover actually such person is in apply for a job, get along with the person on, more special than those male support of the people of the man is special feminine woman is convenient still. I often go to company of entertainment of a few culture now of what, sit when the move such as that records a program occasionally, will apply for via often can having a few, the youth that talks about a thing, I observe them by, a lot of people are not male not female, wearing very long hair maly, female hair is very short, but hamper they work socially not at all.

New capital signs up for: If yourself's son, daughter such, can be you also accepted?

Zheng deep clean: It doesn't matter can worry, my son, daughter is so irrespective, so I had said, calculating my son is a homosexual, I also can be accepted, I can value their option.

New capital signs up for: If your son likes a schoolboy, won't you are in charge of? Are you comfortable to educational measure of the child to this kind of degree?

Zheng deep clean: Of course, I feel like us domestic education is affected, this kind of circumstance happens unlikelily also, resemble me such, it is figure of a bareheaded (laugh at) , still hold out a man, son also unlikely thither face develops. I feel to teach the child not to need measure, if you broke the law, law can restrain you, I other without giving thought to. This is the time that a contraindication breaks down, should not offend only law, had jumped over without giving thought to more. My son this year 1934 years old, I never had said a word with him loudly, but he is special respect me, I if which innocent gravity rises to say what to nod to be sure the canal is used with him, instead, you are scolded everyday the more more not costly.
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