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The teaching method of Confucius and educational thought give our inspiration
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One, the teaching method of Confucius

Confucius is worthy of be great educationist really, of its teaching method and education skill excellent up to now hard someone can look its a person's back.

With famous " heuristic pedagogy " for exemple, a lot of people think this is the initiate of Socrates. This weighs Greek west surely to character is insufficient for the scholar for what blame, in us China also has many people to hold this kind of view (teach bound) in the computer especially, this rather " forget one's own origins " . In fact, confucius always holds to heuristic education not only, and " inspire " type this name itself also is by Confucius (is not Socrates) place creation. Confucius is bigger than Socrates 82 years old, after Confucius dies 10 years, su Cai is born. So Confucius just is true be worthy of " heuristic education " father. Divide this beyond, the heuristic pedagogy that Confucius place creates, its connotation also wants to compare Socrates " midwife art " more more rich, deep. To show this issue, we might as well it is those who say " midwife art " the heuristic pedagogy of heuristic dialog law and Confucius makes Socrates be compared.

One is called the youth that Europe attentively heart plans, of one mind wants to become a politician, to help this youth recognize justice and unjust problem, socrates applied heuristic method and this youth to have the conversation below (all be below revive ask, europe answers) :

Ask: Hypocritical due to which kind?

Answer: Should classify is unjust kind.

Ask: Pilfer, deceit, bondage should classify which kind?

Answer: Unjust kind.

Ask: If what a general punished to damage the enemy of its state interest greatly, try to them it is unjust that this can say bondage?

Answer: Cannot.

Ask: If his spirit away the enemy's property or the enemy was cheated in fight, how should this kind of behavior look

Answer: This is correct of course, but what I point to is beguiling friend.

Socrates: Good, we discuss the issue between the friend technically. If the army of command of place of a general had lost morale, spirit is faced with break down, he cheats him soldier to say reinforcements arrives immediately, invigorate a fight to gain a victory thereby, how should this kind of behavior understand?

Answer: Should be justice.

Ask: If a child does not agree to take medicine unhealthily, father cheats him to say medicine is very not bitter, delicious, fool him to eat went down, the result cured ill, which kind should this kind of behavior belong to?

Answer: Should belong to justice kind.

Socrates still does not stop to ask again: If a person was sent mad, his friend is afraid that he commits suicide, spirit away his knives and edge tool, is behavior of this kind of pilfer of justice?

Answer: Yes, they also should belong to this kind.
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