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Old teacher piggery cleans out a Qianlong year a congratulate plaque is heavy 30
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Farmhouse piggery cleans out Dai Qianlong giving Qing Dynasty year a congratulate plaque

Make an appointment with 150 kilograms of donee to be again at that time " Chongqing Fu Zhengtang "

The day before yesterday (2 days) , retired teacher wishs the Ba Na area that cleans out treasure 6 years golden country from one farmer home redemptive the board that covers ash together. Cleared and clean, wish a teacher the accident discovers, this plaque is engraved from Qianlong unexpectedly year, and the likelihood is place a Ren Chongqing when squire is given tells the congratulate a horizontal inscribed board of government office.

Wish the teacher says, the day before yesterday he is transient Ba Na area when one farmhouse, discovery has an unconscious grey black a horizontal inscribed board that grows nearly 3 meters inside piggery. Ask, host says those who hand down to plaque is ancestors, already expressed 10 era, but after liberating, abandon all the time in piggery.

Although the dirt on plaque and cobweb are densely covered, did not read clear content, but love him what collect to since the history is long,believe this a horizontal inscribed board, have for certain collect value certainly, give money to buy a big round shallow basket then.

Plaque makes an appointment with 150 kilograms again, wish the teacher asks 4 Zhuang Hancai to move come home. Yesterday in the morning, he uses efface of dishcloth general dirt, the problem that discovers to indicate on plaque actually engraves time to be Qianlong 49 years (1760) .

Yesterday, reporter spot sees, this plaque black base, make by Gu Baimu, 2.93 meters long, 1.24 meters wide, thick 4 centimeters. Have among plaque " tine De Shuangrong " word of 4 travel model, every word is sufficient have washbasin big, stick among have gold foil, make excellent. Engrave on the right side of big character: One's previous experience of a successful candidate in the highest imperial examinations is acted according to politics Fu Zhengtang of Chongqing of doctor office Sichuan adds milistary exploit of 3 class going along with to add 2 class record 4 times to write down great merit 3 times again Wang Wei; Left quarter: "80 birthday Liao Zunzhou stands " and " month of midwinter of 49 age Ci Jiachen issues Qianlong wash Gu Dan " .

Have certain archaeology knowledge wish a teacher the analysis says, according to the content on plaque, can conclude this plaque may be 1760 make by the squire that is called Liao Zunzhou, send at that time " Chongqing Fu Zhengtang " congratulate plaque of Wang Wei. Can see from plaque, wang Wei personal details is rich -- one's previous experience of a successful candidate in the highest imperial examinations, because achievement in one's post is outstanding,win ranking commendation for many times, at the same time Ceng Li has milistary exploit, it is the local official of an a versatile person of civil and military, "This pair studies Chongqing history character is very helpful at that time. "This pair studies Chongqing history character is very helpful at that time..
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