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Short for Zhejiang Province is taught greatly obtain judge the most arrogant ang
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Because opinion on public affairs gets,Zhejiang university is taught many netizen praise highly, be called " the most arrogant anger blueness is taught " . This topic that teachs a speech and the high polymer field that he researchs have nothing to do basically, those who involve is education, scientific research, talent waits a lot of develop with the society and inscribe. He likes to complain, even the school that spearhead points to him place hold post continuously.

Disclose according to media, the netizen that supports this professor is a youth more. On the net inside the school of a few universities, even many students are delivering his lecture recording in each other.

Can see, can draw a young person most, nothing more than this professor adopts " indignant " expressive means, snarl of be laughing and playing, omnipotent, the person that let many chasing after hold in both hands feels carefree dripping wet, tell for oneself went out ferial the one's innermost thoughts and feelings that dare not tell. This kind " thick-skinned " of the style have his moment with each passing day, actually line of positive and negative goes modern the psychological weakness of on thin ice of recreant be afraid of getting into trouble.

Be being depressed when the masses low-key be an upright person too long later, the disposition of whole society has evolution to be the danger of cowardly be afraid of getting into trouble. Perhaps, ground of institutional do sth on a large scale is an upright person, dynamic ground act, it is a job that is worth to applaud.

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