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90 years old of academician are touched 90 hind the undergraduate is deep-felt g
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When Guan Junwei of 91 years old is taught, those who make me accident is, boreal forest is big those 80 hind, 90 hind undergraduates are old to closing send the true affection from the bottom of one's heart.

Academician of this Chinese Academy of Engineering on December 29, 2007 afternoon 3 when die 35 minutes, the sad news of the death is passed had been in the evening among the student. About 10 when make, undergraduates begin to get together closing old office downstair, the hand holds the candle in both hands, grieve over he. Be worth strong cold air to inbreak, hundreds of undergraduates in chorus makes a pledge: Whetstone of consult of  of fat chaste tree of bowstring of altar discharge Ji lies  carries evil spirit of joint of bones of Qia of ⑹ of  of  of   street to make fun of  Yan glue in disorder  of barefooteding Dan of young back hill presses  Liang Ping foolish bursa of refute of bang of  of で yo  employs Meng of choke of  of  of Hui  Gou rank, had gone... arrive all the time 12 when much, in the teacher console next ability drop off gradually.

Grieve over Professor Guan Junwei, became these days undergraduates' mainest in campus forum topic, that day website with respect to open up grieve over only page. Hard enumerated undergraduates leave a message in succession, express is old to closing esteem, recollect and close the dribs and drabs of old association, affix oneself and close old group photo, duplicate on close old achievement, still to grieving over the activity offerred a lot of proposals...

Close to leave often, make undergraduates had been done not have good this New Year. They stopped initiatively early good with respect to rehearse literary social evening, a batch another batch of ground arrives close the teacher that thinks of this life is sought in old office... my rich guest " an old person of respect making a person, went so " , also 70 much people leave a message, majority is an undergraduate. Between the lines expresses the rips a heart to crack lung anguish that go out, your person cannot bear go reading.

This phenomenon is quite worth while and thoughtful. Close Laohe the age differred these students many years old 60, if say,take the place of a few years with respect to now the word of channel, that says less to also have a few; Someone says the undergraduate has the image that he adores rarely, even if is to have, also be big wrist of popular singer, star more; And called the old expert that makes all one's life with clay, win the heart of so old light student however; For what is this after all? What to show again after all?

I think, this shows contemporary undergraduate or rational thinks, have pursuit. What they adore is the person that has genuine talent, it is the person that has made significant contribution for the country, person that is De Xueshuang strong and pervasive fragrance.

Close academician to was graduated from Japanese Tokyo 1940 Lin Xueke of advanced aricultural school, cherished the heart of absolute sincerity 1941, flounder goes back to the motherland, established the first water and soil conservation of our country is professional, doctoral degree program of first water and soil conservation, till establish a system of science of water and soil conservation that has contemporary China distinguishing feature. He trained a few doctors, offerred a lot of great theory and point of view, made outstanding contribution for career of our country water and soil conservation. 2006, the prevents mud-rock flow about Beijing area proposal that he offers, still got the attention of national leader. Some time ago, he still edits published new book, still carrying a bag to running to attend a meeting everywhere. I know him fast 30 years, when to see him, it is the appearance that a pair of spirit enlivens.
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