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Deformity female teacher stands fast 5 years 8 students monthly pay is not worth
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Story introduction

Once had the school of hundreds student, now fireweed is fascicular. Each walked along the teacher, the student also leaves class of a cheeper only, 8 children. The Ceng Yangxiu of deformity is in this village school that should discard almost, stood fast 5 years full.

She is mean monthly salary is not worth 200 yuan. See the school drops by brilliant trend not, myriad of her deep feeling: "Even if leave a child only, I also should teach go down. I also should teach go down..

This is honest unlike a school.

Nearly 20 mus of campus, fireweed is fascicular, it is taller than the person everywhere " seed sticking grass " , the everywhere on the withered and yellow fireweed on the playground sees cow dung, two basketball that do not have backboard are worn on bestrew ferruginous.

Two buildings are tall " gardener building " housetop 1000 sore 100 aperture, near indoor stack the Chai He of villager home. Clean neatly before education building only, yue Xi opening a county is here school of village of mountain of Han of village of town of soldierly bearing. Hanging except " cheeper class " in the classroom orderly outside putting 8 pieces of desk, the others classroom bestrews dirt, piling up the test equipment of damaged physics, chemical course and the desk that came loose to wear.

In the sweet camphor of a the upper part of this fireweed clump, luxuriantly green, one side ensign with the wind flutter.

"Go up century 80 time are prime, the school is the most brilliant, have 700 much students, have high school, junior high school and elementary school class at the same time... " village branch secretary stands in brushwood, sigh with emotion at the same time, extend right hand big toe and forefinger to twisting at the same time stick full of his whole body " seed sticking grass " .

Ceng Yangxiu of 36 years old most be afraid that people asks her " there is how many student on your class " , she feels very not meaning, feel this teacher is become " do not have face " -- entire school is only these 8 children, she a teacher.

Come 5 years, because of the poliomyelitis right hand atrophy, do not calculate even teacher of take over a class for an absent teacher her what go up to stand fast all the time here. "Even if remnant a child, I also want to teach! " although some feel embarrassed, dan Cengyang show says very sturdily.

The mirth sound resound of children is in deserted campus, have the warmth of a kind of bleak.

7 days morning, the reporter comes " cheeper class " outside the classroom when, 1985 from here the Ceng Yangxiu that junior high school graduates is attending class to children. Already used get the hoar, intermediate blackboard that cracked to seam to go up, drawing a few ambiguous flowers: "The teacher sent 3 small safflower to you yesterday, sent two again today, a few is adding up? A few is adding up??

In the classroom black, do not have report -- not long ago, electrical wiring was stolen, there's still time still is done not have to reinstall on the village.
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