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Yu Dan of easy meridian passage why fire? The five classics of the four Books (T
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Prediction of a person's luck in a given year of tradition of give the impression of weakness of culture in one day wanted 5000 thoughtful

Problem 1 little

The ancient time of person little record that teaching material ancient prose knows prose written in classic literary style less is outstanding the data of culture is fewer

Our country is promoted to traditional culture insufficient

Chengdu business signs up for: Do you feel our country builds a respect to still exist in culture what problem?

Gao Zhanxiang: Be pair of traditional culture above all disentomb, arrange, promote not quite. The culture of the Chinese nation is unapproachable on alive bound, a lot of thoughts are considered as infallible law in the world. And we are done very not quite in this respect now, a lot of flashy things were lost. In the school, ancient prose canto decreases greatly, go down again, the student reads even ancient prose in the future did not understand. On the other hand, to traditional culture of China, the teacher that can teach is less and less, the youth is known less and less, the text is less and less.

I spent 11 years to write " life jewel " , discover namely, arrange our country's outstanding culture, outstanding morality ethics, traditional goodness, when I am written, went around a bookshop, cannot find more materials, have a plenty of me to go to what Singapore, Malaysia finds, we are compared over there them ambitious, have the data of a lot of China traditional culture.

Problem 2 be short of

Program of devoted and insufficient much strategy is not quite far morality teachs insufficient form a complete set

Advocacy competition is not the mainstream nevertheless

Chengdu business signs up for: Traditional culture is very important really, so, whether to also put in the problem in active culture system respect?

Gao Zhanxiang: This is the 2nd problem that I should speak of, country and local culture lead the amlposition of system. Amlposition of this kind of mechanism, go against emancipatory productivity, go against play culture force. In addition, the culture that the country advocates, competition is not mainstream culture nevertheless. Because, the culture that the country advocates needs to have fixed capital, establishment, and we are in the devoted power of this respect is insufficient, be like station of group of art houses, culture, do not do to spend the civilian camp on the market.

Of course, still have other reasons. The culture force of a country wants to promote better, should literate strategic arrangement. This strategy arrangement should include, national culture enterprise is whole old structure, the scale of investment, of culture industry give aid to, policy. Now, 10 years of development of our country culture plan to be done not have, and be flash goes 5 years more.

Should say, in the past, our illuminative reader is special form a complete set. The education that comes after that, especially moral education, educational content lack is successional, teaching material lacks stability, educational measure lacks vivid sex.
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