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What title assess became a teacher to bear hard how is painful
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Read a problem to be recently " the proposal cancels assess of title of middle school teacher " article, the author should be a teacher, kiss all previous at least the harships experience of pedagogic title assess, rough and miserable, also be such experience deeply sad, what still perhaps shining up to now is painful. He even will such painful return for " tear down of face painful, break off of the blood-vessel of painful, lacerate of back painful " , such " 3 painful " , should be lungs of painful thorough heart, painful hard can! Also because such, he just was given out should " cancel assess of title of middle school teacher " loud cry, it is to make a person so painful that tear already did not flow to go out more.

Because, I know, the title assess of this teacher, be " educational law " , " pedagogic law " wait for legal laws and regulations to be " the initiative that be brought into play adequately and produces middle school education to teach a career to serve for socialism and creativity, incentive teacher increases political thought awareness ceaselessly, culture professional skill and fulfill duty ability, finish own job hard " and come down certainly, it is the award to the teacher and drive. For this, group of leader of job of central title reform was given out technically still " in (small) learn byelaw of try out of pedagogic government affairs " , to pedagogic post " duty, hold a post condition, assessment and evaluation " etc made specific provision. Should say, "Byelaw " had extremely strong policy sex and operation sex, what should get a teacher is extensive support. But little imagine, in actual life, in annual title assess, this ought of hearten teacher, incentive teacher " interest good policy " , however more and more become teachers " sad painful " , " rip those who lose backbone, broken blood is face, painful " , became love not to rise, hate endlessly encumbrance and thing of body and mind.

such, I look, with actual condition, with annual the particular operation when assess title, had huge concern. No less than the summary of a few a man of insight, "Pedagogic post weaves, especially in high teacher post is taken up by other school staff member, and proportion is higher and higher; The technical standard of various teacher post and judge hire a program by basic level school misinterpret or dissimilation, number of enter a higher school and exam mark still are key or core; Pedagogic post is judged hire still do not have departure, judge hire program underground, basically be led by basic level school ' camera bellows is operated ' ; Partial teacher, especially the enthusiasm of outstanding teacher talent and creativity still do not have real ground, sufficient ground to bring into play rise " . Not only such, socially of all sorts of undesirable tendency erode, the interference of all sorts of unhealthy tendency, it is pedagogic title assess is out of shape more go out of form, become a teacher " what bear hard is painful " .

Be influence corrode. The teacher that because accord with each degree job to hold a post,asks is very much, but specific duty number is very limited, a few people, even ten people, a few people contend for the phenomenon of index of assess of a title to often be performed in basic level school. And as a result of every time the specific requirement of assess is made by leadership of basic level school, treat in democracy school the case that did not get be fulfillinged at all, influence became the has right most person make a speech in title assess, or is to make a few teachers go all lengths go contending for when the leader, or looks for leader interpose evaluation with respect to try every means.
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