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Teacher lecturer shows textbook of middle school Chinese discriminates against a
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Times dispatch (Li Yu of reporter Xue Bing's reporter is red) seminar of Sino-Japanese female learning kicks off in Hua Na Normal University yesterday, the teacher such as morning sunlight of Liu of Hua Na Normal University, Zhou Guixiang, Yang Qingqing points out, the person taught the teaching material of Chinese of junior high school of edition to still be put in woman role to slant 2003 little phenomenon, should abound the woman figure in schoolbook.

Woman role still slants little

Experts will the person taught edition junior high school Chinese 2003 teaching material and version undertook comparative 1998, discover teaching material involves woman role amount to rise somewhat, appeared female of a few depict flounces off a tradition to manacle, go after freedom and the article with independent character. Although chose the text of a few critically serious male light female thoughts, but still put in woman role to slant little phenomenon. For instance, in the 3rd in, the quantitative altogether of depict character text is 83, involve a person in all 283 people, woman role 81 people, 29% what take total amount only. In leading role character, 24% what woman leading role occupies gross only. The male gets woman of attention degree prep above. Photograph amount of the female also holds sum total only 21% much.

Sexual bias is serious still

In addition, although woman role appears, also have the sexual bias of very old rate, the male is the angle from social meaning becomes protagonist, and the female is become protagonist from the angle of individual meaning. For example is in the 7th in, of Mr Hu Kuo " my mother " , · of sea human relations of Keller " again model life " medium teacher, have main effect to author individual from mother or teacher and write, it is the child in author memory, social sense is not great.

And Chinese textbook male and female total disposition fixed position is: The male is dictate person, the person that decide, but relier, the female depends on the male, it is oneself criterion with male criterion, depend on, it is the female's nature flabbily. For example " birthplace " in mother to moving thing it is to comply with of the son, all things in the home are father decides when father is alive, the mother just supports father beside.

Let new when the female appears in teaching material

The expert thinks, middle school period is the crucial period that sexual feature forms, the sexual culture that the student forms in this period, the lifetime to them can produce profound effect. They can shape their image with the image of male and female that fashions in teaching material, come for the standard with this the men and women beside look upon is bisexual, there is so serious sex bias however in teaching material however, need to be improved energetically.

For this, the expert thinks to should increase the outstanding work amount of female writer. Locating the role outside the family should see when schoolbook woman role, coordinate the scale of role of new era woman and conventional woman role, reflect the development trend of the diversification of woman role, let a student understand the female already became the author of the equal owner of social natural resources, wealth of society. The female also has the one side of tough, intelligent, independent, self-improvement, should complete dough modeling is built. Also should increase the female's position on the processing of the picture, change male takes the inflexible form of dominant position
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