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How are care care and union of strict requirement bearing accomplished in domest
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Parents cares the nature that the child that cherishs his is a person. This kind of love is education child the emotional foundation of good moral character and behavior, without this kind of love, do not talk to go up education, achieve good educational result hard, but love and do not teach, be in charge of and lax, same also the purpose that short of teachs. Accordingly, when the parent is teaching the child, want to notice a care care and strict requirement union rise, accomplish love and not be addicted to, severe and not severe.

One, love and not be addicted to

Parents is cherished to the care of own child, answer to be premise in order to be helpful for health of child body and mind, it is easy to leave this premise with Wang Zicheng the desire of ability is carried on the back and relax. Parents should be sensible to child love, decent, absolutely cannot doting, otherwise, with respect to the root of the trouble that can make progress of deformation of child body and mind.

In actual life, many parents became the care care to the child doting, it is especially in front courtyard of singleton the bride's side, performance is more outstanding. Grandparent and parents treat the child " small emperor " blindly coddle, preference and shield a shortcoming of fault, docile and obedient to the child's requirement, grant whatever is requested. Do not criticize to undesirable moral character of the child and habit, do not teach, often wrap shelter weak point. Have a meal dress all general affairs are monopolized by the parent replace, the child lets the parent what do, what does the parent do, everything is a center with the child, make the child lives a meal to come dehisce, the clothes will stretch one's hand, the lazy life of love ease and hate work, a kind of selfishness, capricious, bossy, rampant, undesirable moral character that do as one wants mixes nurturance habit, these undesirable habits hold the post of its development to go down, it is unimaginable if really ever since. Someone says, docile and obedient to the child's coddle since childhood, it is to promote the child to be on unfortunate viatic germinant. This is worth while every parent is thoughtful.

The parent should accomplish love to the child and not be addicted to, should notice the following.

The first, the parent should have reason, ground of proper limits for speech or action cares care child, want to let the child feel parental sacred fire already, make its experience the warmth of excellent front courtyard, can arouse its active up desire, want to let the child care parents and other family member again, the ego that asks the child becomes a few in one's power stage by stage is service labor and housework, this is helpful for fostering the child to have deep love for labor not only, care collective good moral character, and the intelligence that also has so that rear the child and provide for oneself ability.

The 2nd, the parent should handle the child's demand correctly. The person has demand, and be many sided, also often be everlasting. Want concrete analysis to the child's demand, want the actual economic atmosphere with the family and the health of body and mind that are helpful for the child to be premise, cannot docile and obedient, grant whatever is requested. The demand of overly contented child initiates the child's exorbitant desire easily, the abuse with greedier and greedier nurturance. When once parents is faint,satisfying its requirement, certainly will causes the child's dissatisfaction, cause hard certainly. When its the desire is strong and cannot get when satisfying, be on crooked ways easily, every parent needs to notice this.
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