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A few issues that be in are put in domestic education at present
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The grows to always want to accept tripartite scale education of a person, namely domestic education, school education and social education. The formation that good deed is used to a student, must be the result that good school education and good domestic education cooperate closely. Otherwise, in the school work laboriously taught a week, because family of a day is inactive,teach however, the effect offsetted entirely. Domestic education is having special very main effect in growing process of the person, and of domestic education effect get the influence of many sided element, among them the breeding means that the mainest influencing factor is the parent. The to the child influence on manner of female cultural of parental two pairs, idea, expectation and educational method is tremendous, but a lot of parents are existing on domestic education now many ideal errors, affected the quality that the family teachs directly, even block up the health of child body and mind grows.

Baconian rise, at present the breeding means of our country parent basically puts in the problem of the following respects and error:

1, school work achievement is weighed in domestic education, light moral character is taught.

The deed with the healthy state that domestic education should be much care children originally and education children good nurturance is used to, but in recent years, the intellective development that the centre of gravity that more and more parents teach the family shifts attention children and school work achievement come up. Principal nots hesitate above the study education investment of a lot of parents in the child, however oversight the training education that is not intellective element to children, especially the inchoate education of thought moral character and the inchoate nurturance that good deed is used to. This kind weighs the tendency of intellectual light moral character, from will for a long time look, obtain favorable educational result very hard.

2, two pairs daughter too coddle is doting, make endless concessions.

Parents loves children, this is normal human feelings. But fondling daughter is to have knowledge, have cultured. Some parents think to love the child, it is the child wants what to give, on corporeal life and cultural life, do not let the child suffer a bit grievance, do not meet with a bit cross, indulge blindly, indulgent to the child even shield a shortcoming of fault. This kind of too doting family teachs way, cause the child very easily to provide for oneself ability is low, the society gets used to ability to lose, and still may produce loneliness, shut oneself wait for psychological problem.

3, ignore child seed boundary, dial seedling encourage.

In sight of a few parents child drive into the dragon, strong desire that looks at female Cheng Feng below, let the child learn this learn that as a child, do not set out from age feature of the child, the mentality that ignores child seed boundary expands level and practical capacity, the study burden of aleatoric and aggravating child and psychological burden, even eager for quick success and instant benefit, spoil things by excessive enthusiasm. The nature of children is curiosity, amused, overmuch ground attends all sorts of interest classes, talent class, focus attention for long, not only tied child personality development, more the health that goes against them develops.
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