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The life that how develops the child provides for oneself ability
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In actual life, a lot of parents value intellective education of the child very much, hope children will have a bright future the heart is cut, often ignored the education of own viability of the child however, what housework also does not let parents the child is dry, went up even of the child of elementary school have a meal, clad still monopolize by the parent. The result causes the child to be opposite of parents, family, environment excessive depend on, some pupil treat even basic life ability to also be done not have, in becoming a family so called " small emperor " .

Investigate its reason, basically be the excessive care be caused by as a result of the parent. At every turn monopolizes for the child, certainly will cut off the child to be the same as the contact of surroundings, its are as a result, the activity of ego exploration sex that children ought to have became what makings of parental choice understand without being told falls to be controlled sexual activity. If the child lacks the attempt opportunity of independent character, they become at every turn depends on parents to gain each new experience everywhere. Of parents a series of replacing activity, make the child lost ego gradually. Some parents want everything what happen on class of detailed ground interrogate everyday, give the child thereby a variety of " directive " , be the same as inside the class even which child plays, different which child plays, decide by parents. If things go on like this, the child is in the life, study, the protection that relies on parents everywhere undertakes choosing, the power that leans parents goes entering all sorts of society activities, for a long time, the child can lose independent character and the volition that overcome difficulty and ability. Clearly, this is very adverse to the development of child future.

Want to develop the life physiology ability of pupil, parents should notice the following:

The first, want to be good at developing the child's initiative and independent character

In domesticity, ought to notice to teach the child to teach oneself the ground, active ground, independent ground to adjust oneself behavior, is not parents of support of at every turn supervise and urge, management. Ought to teach the child to make clear the purpose of own activity and task, progressively education child learns to teach oneself ground plan and the study that examine his and activity, parents must not monopolize replace. As a result of the children of elementary school phase the ego adjustment, ability that dominates action is returned very poor, so, the way education child that manages with preach only has independent character insufficient still, must rise abstract truth and union of concrete vivid, fact, just can get favorable result.

The 2nd, let the child attend work more especially service labor

Ought to let go let the child attend ego to serve labor, let its learn to attend oneself life, such as bootlace of clad, department, do up one's hair, wash a face, have a meal, arrange satchel, clear away a room to wait, parents does not replace child filial generation to do as far as possible. If parents is in life respect is beyond the mark in charge of, go against the development of child independent character, autonomy not only, and make easily still its nurturance a few such as the undesirable character such as lazy, comply with. Parents still ought to let the child often attend a few housework, if help parents wash dish, buy goods, clean sanitation to wait, this is a kind of when foster child life to handle ability significant step. Besides, parents ought to encourage the child to attend the labor of be on duty for the day of the school and work of sex of a few commonweal actively, parents cannot replace the child to finish these activities definitely. Let the child attend ego to serve labor, foster its to start work with respect to oneself as a child will satisfy a few individual need, the life that can develop the child not only handles ability, and still conduce to the good convention that makes its nurturance respects parents, heart of the collective sense that finds education child, responsibility is big also helpful. What point out like Suhuomulinsiji below in that way: Often change " kinetic energy of ego service service makes labor turns into everybody the equal common obligation of the burden " , can make the child is experienced, through giving birth to the labor that I serve, can make the life becomes better, happier, more lovely " .
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