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Begin to let learn darling independence from 300 days
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Famous educationist says: "The responsibility bureau be confined to oneself is pure the mother that enlists in army for children, not be a mother that pursues education any more, however filial slave. " are you such mother?

Of the child provide for oneself ability is too poor, if have a meal, brush one's teeth, clad, wash a face, arrange a toy to wait a moment, the child is a bit smaller moment, be afraid that the child makes bad lose time, do for him as far as possible, after wanting to wait for the child to be brought up met naturally, cannot think of, child nurturance dependent habit, when encountering a thing especially, not be oneself think method to solve, however at every turn appeals at the person.

A teacher once had made investigation to the child of nursery school the top class in a kindergarten: The first problem is the child is in the home whether oneself are clad, the 2nd problem is whether he clears away appliance when the home, the 3rd problem is whether the child can do some of housework actively in the home, discover the child that has 50% near wants adult to monopolize.
For female to the singleton parents, do not foster independent viability of the child in cheeper period, it is the thing with a boundless future trouble. Social psychology ever had made an interesting investigation, discovery: Close child the dispute between, result from mostly children depends on parents overly, make parents feels ability not equal to one's ambition, children did not get satisfaction because of certain requirement, and blame parental incapacity. Those are used to seniority issue depending on parental child as a child, provide for oneself ability is poorer, independent character is wrong also, always be a gang of calculate on parents when anything crops up after all. The difference between the ability of the demand as children and parents is bigger and bigger, mutual a dissatisfaction and complaint also grow day and day, down to occurrence dispute and conflict.

The key of independent habits and customs period

Psychology tells us: Learned to go when darling, he is willing to-and-fro, side adult takes a thing, once learned to fill a meal with ladle, he practices this one mastery of a skill or technique ceaselessly, this fosters the opportunity of the good convention with independent darling namely.

Specific say, 2 -- 3 years old, it is the most important period that all sorts of habits form in infancy, because right now, there is at every turn to have the independent desire that wants his to work and the intense dependence that pestering mom to act like a spoiled child at the same time on child body, parents must have used this one opportunity.

The independent viability that 2 years old of darling should have

The project begins to teach the time that time majority person learns

Parents cooperates to when he wears the dress, be known
(sleeve can stretch his hand when empty garment, wear pants 300 days 13 months
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