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Give a letter that enters music to take an examination of class child parent
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Respectable parents:

Annual the accession that musicology courtyard checks level in the center of cold summer vacation, bearer of the person in campus is gone to, it is lively very, already became phonic courtyard one big landscape. But, see when me outside examination room no matter the intense heat of summer is freezing, when blowing to rain and await the child to take an examination of the parents that come out anxiously, my mood is very complex: My admire you, also sympathize with you, to leave generation grow in the round, you are correct and foresight ground lets child choosing learn a musical instrument to regard pair of their development as the sentiment of intellective, edify, method that improves culture quality, and for this you cost much energy and financial capacity again, what you pay is too much and too much.

Through so old check level, I feel some problems require proposal parent bring to sb's attention:

(One) for what to let child learning musical instrument?

Have so a kind of view: "The child that learns music is cleverer than general child " , this has stated reason. Let us imagine: A child is taking musical instrument, there is a music score to want to begin to perform before. He soon music score holds musical instrument, all sorts of mark on the note that should see the eye in the shortest time and music score are mirrorred in brain and the head should give out an instruction to let the other of finger and body begin an action about place instantly, let the musical instrument achieve on the hand give the demand of music score, after musical instrument phonate, ear wants to listen to the effect that he plays, want well to consolidate, want badly to find out a reason and offer improvement way, each position that command finger and body again next act again, rehear is improved again, and all these is about to finish in a few seconds merely. This is only most bright study musical instrument is right for a the simplest view the cerebra that exercises teenage children and function have the effect with much good Mo. Divide this of course and outside, the abundance of the concentration of the standard that studies the musical instrument education to child perseverance, behaviour, attention, imagination and the pursuit to the United States wait a lot of advantage a moment to not was here to say more. If our parent is for this purpose, let child learning musical instrument that is good, regretful is to not little parent has another some of plan however:

1. Premature decision lets the child take professional way. Some parents like music particularly, but their hour learns without the opportunity however, place all hopes on the child's body then, for this, whether do the physiology that they do not see the child and connate condition fit the requirement that professional musicology reviews, also disregard whether the child likes music particularly and force the child to spend time too much on Lian Qin everyday, let the child check level quickly toward high level, little imagine, of the child growing need comprehensive education, premature ground is directional only 100 is kill and do not have one beneficial.
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