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Does music check level as waste paper a piece? Care of can of musical false phen
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Begin to check level at the spare music 1989, heat up every year like the university entrance exam in the three ten-day periods of the hot season. The phyletic musical instrument such as musical instrument of piano, violin, accordion, cello, electron and vocal music have spare music to check level. According to reporter understanding, annual the number that countrywide each district joins spare music to check level exceeds 100 thousand person-time; Student parent is spent to taking an examination of the heavy visual range of class absolutely no less than nervous the university entrance exam, go up objectively music took an examination of class to become another territory " should try education " .

Take an examination of class why to have such big appeal? Always politics hit the mark with a single comment of choric pianist Qian Zhiwen: It is to take an examination of the disaster that learns to offend. Elementary school rises middle school, middle school to rise an university, had music to took an examination of class card to just be had " artistic strong point is crude " qualification signing up.

But Liu Shikun of Chinese famous pianist says from another angle piano studies class evidence " as waste paper a piece " , this and great majority attend the student that checks level and its parent idea to be widely divergent. He thinks, in the world, class of musical take an examination ofing is not a kind of accepted system. Although take an examination of class to be opposite,popularize music, examine student level has profit, but malpractice also clearly: Check level to run quickly continuously " theme " , a lot of children just practice hard a few melody of take an examination, do one thing and neglect another basic skill; Of utilitarian purpose drive, make a few violate " check level " phenomenon of the holiday of original intention, bad arises subsequently.

Teach the teacher that checks level technically " emerge as the times require " . Every go to some teachers before checking level a few months, placing a bag, arrive from a form of address formally used by an employee to his employer or a tenant-peasant to his landlord on the west, teach the student that should check level technically. They teach 3 months, "Assure " the child that lets you passes how many level. Of this kind of irresponsible, act artfully to get what one wants teach a course, can imagine place teachs the level that gives a student. Current, think the child that learns musical instrument is very much, the teacher demands exceeds supply, because of this the good and bad are intermingled, professional, blame has professionally, by accident of person children also have. This kind of circumstance is outer the ground is more apparent.

The certificate that check level cannot perform a level actually on behalf of the student. Always politics Qian Zhiwen of choric performance home is to do perform, she ever became the commissioner that check level to Hunan Changsha, children are performed beg fast, beg noisy, make her " auditive very endure hardships " . Some child bad news a big, listening to those who play to go out even is what melody, but such child had had certain level. This kind took an examination of class to pour the appetite of student learning music already, also let a favour go to slant on the road. To this, she appeals teacher at least lets the child play musical instrument a few more Orpheanly, degree of not smooth pursuit is achieved much taller. Mr. Qian Zhiwen discussed a case beside: "I have two students hand so soft that be in a complete mess, but piano had been passed when elementary school of a student 8 class (institute of the music central is highest be 9 class or Chinese musician association is highest for 10 class) , 4 class, 6 class, 8 class also join another student jumped several class, how is also knowing passed. Children are very inimical to music, also do not want to play the song that checks level again. I looked for the melody that they suit again besides eye of a few the music that check level technically to let them practice, learned period of time, they had progress on craft not only, and bigger and bigger also to musical interest. Among them the mom of a child says with me, the child comes home be willing Lian Qin, the musical program on TV also was willing to look. The musical program on TV also was willing to look..
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