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A kind of method that teenage mental health evaluates
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Teenage mental health is health of teenage body and mind, character the need that perfect, harmonious development and teenage society get used to ability to develop. What this since is teenage uptodate study is indispensible, also be the social requirement to the quality of prospective builder, participator. Professor of our country's crackajack lonely of famous psychologist Pan once pointed out: "Because we are paid attention to healthy, reason studies physiology is wholesome; If we want to make psychology gets healthy progress, must pay attention to mental hygiene " .

How is the person's psychology just health, what is the standard of mental health? Does the author use American scholar Kanbusi (A? M? Combs) the viewpoint is a basis, undertake assessment to teenage mental health.

The person that Kanbusi thinks mental health, moral quality is sound is due 4 kinds idiosyncratic: 1. Active self concept; 2. Agree with other appropriately; 3. Face and accept a fact; 4. Subjective seasoned, can use for taking.

We ever were opposite with integrated judge law the mental health of schoolgirl of my school certain undertook experimental sex checks, be as follows circumstance introduction now:

Alleged and integrated judge, evaluate standard and actual measurement value according to what give out namely, a kind of method of the evaluation is made to the thing after alternating through faintness. The subjective element that this method will evaluate information is controlled to assessing the impact of the result inside lesser limit, relative to at other method character, it is a kind of method that compares comprehensive, more objective conformity to evaluate a result.

Set X={X1, x2, x3... the gather that Xn} forms on behalf of a variety of element place of integrated judge; Y={y1, y2, y3... the gather that Yn} expresses to commment place is comprised.

Ambiguous commutation A? R=B is the mathematical model of integrated judge. In type: A is the vector of weight of each judge element: Is R X? A faintness on Y concerns, namely each judge element is right of each commment subject degree; B is the result of integrated judge.

Undertake to the student with integrated judge law mental health evaluation can divide for the following 4 measure:

The first, evaluate all medium elements and commment gather integratedly certainly, undertake only factor is evaluated, the ambiguous matrix that gets expression an element the relation blurs between gather and commment gather then.

The 2nd, decide each element is being evaluated the important rate in the thing, decide the weight of each element namely.

The 3rd, make ambiguous shift, reach comprehensive assessment result.

The 4th, beg a result matrix.

The " according to Kanbusi 4 kinds of idiosyncratic " , the cent of mental health circumstance her is " of " self concept, " to agree with other " , " to accept " of subjective experience of actual " , " to undertake experimental sex is evaluated, namely other of concept of self of X={of element gather attune, self-identity, accept} of reality, subjective experience. Actor of {of = of commment gather Y, fine, medium, poor} .
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