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Take an examination of in add take an examination of big integrated headings in
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Bureau of Shenyang city education allotted to each area on October 11 " exam of graduation of Shenyang junior high school, enter a higher school asked for an opinion to stalk of grain 2005 " , to 6 areas (aunt of peace, Shen He, emperor, iron on the west, big east, Yu Hong) preliminary draft plan to be " 3 + are big integrated " namely Chinese, maths, foreign language, integrated () of physics, chemical, history and society, politics, take an examination of in add study the deputy family such as the history, politics. This action aims to raise a student integrated quality, prevent the school to ignore Yo of secondary science and education.

Yesterday, our newspaper hot line rings ceaseless all the time, what many parents and school doubt Shenyang roll out is medium take an examination of " 3 big integrated " examination program, general report, the school from be opposite at the beginning first this two divisions do not have politics, history on heart teaching, the face reviews pressure to increase to this year's examinee, the school uncovers scar oneself, say frankly at ordinary times education slants the division is serious.

Object sound: Unaware increase a burden

Arrived at 9 o'clock from yesterday morning midday at 12 o'clock, 23 the teacher that our newspaper reporter receives 7 schools in all, students and parent hereon the different reaction of the thing. Be worth what carry is, the opposition in teacher of a few schools in sound, did not deny program of this kind of reform is helpful for the child developing integratedly. Their doubt basically is to think, increase the history and politics suddenly next year two divisions, time is close, the school unawares, can review to the student for reference increase too much pressure and burden.

Dog investigation: A lot of schools lost even textbook

Yesterday, the reporter chooses 10 junior high school of the 5 areas inside city to have random investigation, the president that has 9 schools as a result admits, the school go up from the child be opposite at the beginning first this two divisions do not have politics, history " on the heart teachs " , these course exist in name only basically. A teacher that pursues education of 20 old a gleam of says frankly: "The of 3 child at the beginning of the school loses even textbook so that cannot find now. Listen now want to take an examination of, not can urgent? " but, also the school is not this anxious, shenyang city is big east a teacher that learns in Ou Zhendong tells a reporter, the school all the time these course coequal look upon, "Leave sufficient neat, so we are not afraid of. So we are not afraid of..

Reason dug: The reality of quality and exam conflicts

In the reporter's investigation, learn to wait for the history, politics so like Zhen Dongzhong " small division " sufficient opening neat junior high school is minority only merely. A president discloses to the reporter say, in his impression, come ten years these small divisions (point to the history, politics) " position " be in school of a few junior high school such, "Now, we stand to say, be an exam really is manipulative must let us such ' uncover a scar oneself ' . Be an exam really is manipulative must let us such ' uncover a scar oneself ' ..
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