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Holiday of high school student is plunged into into " rubbish book piles " hard
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Be heated of reader of novel, violent caricature, black unreal boosts character sentiment

To treat condition of caricature book, character novel, need not have a meal, do not sleep. In holiday, this plants the phenomenon is in the high school student and many seeing. The reporter saw in Shanghai book city yesterday, literature of not great character affection, campus and caricature zone " in disorder " sitting to lying nearly 20 come a student. The small bookstore of periphery of a few schools, bookstall is more " pocket talk feeling " , " violent caricature " , " black unreal reader " put the most conspicuous part.

To at present of many high school students read " taste " , the expert is unavoidable express concern, they think, whole society should take seriously " rubbish book " the harm to adolescent, increase the superintendency strength of network and campus periphery. In the meantime, the parent should create good family to read an environment to the child, the teacher should notice to guide the child to learn " ponder over a gender " read.

Book market information

Take the advantage of city of book of summer vacation bubble to look " talk feeling "

Yesterday is weekday, head assemble moves Shanghai book oppidan. In the Chinese literature that is located in 2 buildings kind books area, the reporter sees, 20 come a high school student immersing oneself in read a book, what they browse is all it is campus youth kind novel of black unreal of small compose a quarrel of feeling of literature, talk.

The one of 2 schoolgirl at the beginning of the name tells the spot the reporter, this reference books with material taken from various sources and arranged according to subjects is very good-looking, the clue is fascinating, can killtime, but an ask a price 20 multivariate, and often a book that wants two above, the pocket money that father mother gives buys a book not quite, so can bubble looks in the bookshop. "If term begins, do not have method, take the advantage of summer vacation to have time now, here already can ' brood air conditioning ' , can not spend money to read a book again, kill two birds with one stone. Kill two birds with one stone..

Besides Shanghai book city, a few dozens on Fuzhou road fold a bookshop to also pile novel of feeling of this kind of talk, black unreal was in dozen break a division inside. According to staff member introduction, although here hit folding a book is not very stylish, but because of petty gain, the middle and primary school that buys since place is unripe very much also, not as little as what buy famous book.

"The child lies adolescence, like to see some of talk feeling, knight-errant kind novel, we are understandable. " a parent feels, want not to delay normal study only, look some they do not object this kind of novel. "If be lend of frame-up compasses newsstand, sell ' rubbish book ' , that cannot allow the child to look casually. That cannot allow the child to look casually..
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