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Answer of the university entrance exam is read unripe how should undertake effec
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One, how to prepare to study a data

1. Arrange old note

Through study of on one year, major student has a lot of data that stay and note, proposal of Mr. Huang Hua arranges them, classification, bound into book, revise plan of a time to oneself again next, it is inside some period of time, these materials that had read, the problem that has become is done afresh again, because had looked in not long ago, had done, there still is the number that oneself delimit on a lot of data and note, so, impression is particular very deep, this reviews a process, teacher proposal is in Huang Hua to come finish inside two months.

Of these the university entrance exam oneself " fall flower " pick up rise, collect the some corner in the heart, on one hand, can feel relaxed in mentally, kind, for reference to also can have new understanding and knowledge one time to new round on the other hand.

2. Prepare new note

Regard the university entrance exam as examination questions, ABC of each years is same, but one's deceased father each key of dot, side, paragraphic problems differ somewhat again, so classmates still should pay close attention to the change that studies key link and teaching material each years, than if the English teaching material of Beijing happened this year,changing. Encounter teaching material change, answer read be born to also do not have scared feeling, actually, protestant material and old teaching material are consistent on the whole on intellectual dot, which is what just want attention to pay close attention to this year a few study dot and stress, when undertaking the university entrance exam coachs accordingly, must choose force of persons qualified to teach strong, have education of rich the university entrance exam to coach the teacher of experience, because of him according to experience, with respect to can accurate dope yearly the university entrance exam weighs difficulty and each paragraphic problem, this is to the university entrance exam of experience coachs almost the teacher's instinct.

3. Choose new material

The university entrance exam on the market reviews a data a lot of, but the good and bad are intermingled, must choose the sort of knowledge dot to comb each are clearer, paragraphic the analysis is analytic finer, example is more solve each are more detailed, paragraphic independence practices the answer, error rate reviewing a data inferiorly.

Admonish classmate: The most important still is to attend class to listen to teacher lecture seriously, mark nice note, use the exam data that the school sends well. Because attend class,be every day, extracurricular coachs is a kind of complement that attend class only, must not prostrate of primary and secondary.

Preparing fellow students of new the proposal when reviewing a data:

Above all, buy the reference material that Guangdong publishs, because of Guangdong now is independent proposition, the reference material that Guangdong this locality publishs is reviewed to the university entrance exam have specific aim more.
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