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The parent favors " course English pedagogy "
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Most probably " of education of force of leader of future of " " of pedagogy of English of course of parent favour " becomes the largest window

Be aimed at an investigation of the parent to show recently, only the parent satisfaction of 11% is little English teachs the current situation, the parent of more than 80% thinks, domestic English education should introduce " of pedagogy of " course English to wait for method of foreign advanced education, notable is, the parent hope child of 93.8 % is in English
Speech of " of the education in grooming demonstrates, the leader force with the prospective necessary society such as " of group collaboration, project management. The expert thinks, this shows parents are right little the standard that English teachs already no longer the control of knowledge of language of be confined to, and the requirement that pays close attention to language application ability of the child to whether can answer prospective internationalization competition ability more.

"Yo of bishop of force of course English " changes

Actually, "Course English " is not strange thing in abroad, be in North America area, this kind of pedagogy has been carried out 40 old. In Hong Kong and Singapore and other places, "Course English " promoted what local English teachs a level successfully to rise, trained the internationalization talented person of culture of a large number of perfectness and Euramerican society.

Educational expert, luck thinks of program of course English education to design department manager Sally to once was engaged in practice of education of " of " course English be as long as 5 years in the United States, introduce according to her, "" of immersion course English basically is on content of education time, education and teaching method undertook changing actively.

Above all, from 4-12 year old the " that begins to rear the child " of thinking of the 2nd mother tongue, it is the one big characteristic of " of pedagogy of " course English. In this paragraph of time, use education of pure English environment, high-tech interactive class wait for a method, will learn the Chinese, maths, course such as science with English, to will come the child used English job, life to lay a foundation. The study interest that arousing the child again is more in education process, make children initiative, active get information of knowledge, analysis, use acquires knowledge, undertake communication with the young associate all round.

"Future leads force " to cannot be ignored

In the advanced teaching method of a few abroad, did not come to " to lead force foster " to regard serious teacher and student as index. Although the traditional pattern of domestic English education puts the emphasis all the time,be in of knowledge impart on, but the value that in recent years parents had realized to " future leads the ability such as force " to be fostered in English education.
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