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Advance 3 old teacher and student to change
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Come nearly one year, china is little English education market is fetching attention, not only entire industry acquires a large number of investment, "Of the concept of foreign advanced education such as " of immersion course English and method introduce, also let a person find everything new and fresh, get the self-identity of the parent and society very quickly.

Course English pedagogy: Make up for traditional English education is short board

A recent market research shows, of 80% above suffer inquirer to think, abroad "
The advanced teaching method such as " of immersion course English conduces to the child developing English thinking habit as a child, and traditional to home English education, express " satisfactory " suffer inquirer to be occupied only 11% .

In investigation wide suffer pedagogy of admissive " of English of " immersion course, it is the international that comes from North America method of advanced language teaching, what made up for education of domestic traditional English effectively to use a field in the language is short board. Domestic children writes down grammar of word, back, sentence-making via was used to already child, lose contact with reality as dry as a chip education of application, the Chinese says English in the mouth before, must become Chinese thinking switch English thinking first, find right word, after composition accords with syntactic sentence, ability mouth is conveyed. If things go on like this, learn enthusiastic fritter away, hear ability lacks education, produced phenomenon of " of " dummy English in great quantities.

And the pedagogy of immersion course English that uses generally in and other places of Singapore, Hong Kong, Europe, be in again the language masters in allowing the course knowledge procedure that the child is learning sensibility as a child, and, emphasize " future leading the education of force " , discuss through learning a process to be shared mediumly, from little level is inspired, the project government ability that develops the child, group collaboration ability, speech demonstrates ability.

3 old teacher and student change

Course English pedagogy has exceeded 40 years in practice application of abroad, enter China to obtain market heat to hold in both hands before long. The first luck of domestic that begins course English education thinks of course English to be in time of brief half an year, education center is opened in the whole nation more than 20, still won the whole world the biggest K12 teachs a group- - suddenly Du Mifulin (of HM) be in China investment. Program of this company education designs department manager Sally to think, "" of immersion course English obtains height to approbate, because be in,be 3 respects undertook method of education content, teaching and education time change actively.

Above all, course English pedagogy faces 4-12 year old little begin pure English language to teach, this paragraph of time is the optimal period of children study language, most be helpful for building " " of thinking of the 2nd mother tongue. Next, "" of course English pedagogy teachs the course knowledge such as natural, literature with English on education content, emphasize " of " study sth in order to apply it, let little get language application ability and western culture are edified; On teaching method, adopt method of teaching of pure English immersion, sally thinks, study English must want to learn the thing that American learns, is not the teaching material that learns alleged " mainland to change " , the "chinglish" that abounds in now (Chinese English) phenomenon, go up as a result of education content and teaching method insufficient internationalization.
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