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Language of shallow Tan Ying reads a habit
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Listen in " , say, read, write " in 4 old mastery of a skill or technique, read the position with be had very significant, no matter be,abundantly wants to read material of a lot of English in routine and study, more and more reading is encountered to understand a problem in still taking an exam, these read ability to raise very tall requirement to ours. But there are many friend nurturances in daily exercise read a habit undesirably, hampered greatly reading efficiency, accordingly we want to rise read a level, the first pace sees ourselves have namely read a habit badly.

  1. Sound read

A lot of friends have phonate reading habit. Phonate reading is main the limitation that malady makes read speed and efficiency to get talking rate namely. Because, the rate that normal and subvocal speed should recite than phonate almost is rapid double above.   is additional, phonate is read often come out with different formal expression, what see sometimes is breathed quake moves a lip merely, also do not move even the lip even sometimes, it is tongue, larynx only in the activity. Labial activity can affect the fling rate of the eye undoubtedly, "A businesslike reader can want to see only presswork symbol, acquire a meaning directly, and do not pass sound level. "Accordingly, want to overcome this kind to read a habit undesirably, be about to train what him nurturance feels literal symbol directly through eyespot to inspect read capability.

  2. The heart is read

The heart is read is a kind observe very hard read a habit. When the heart is read, any place of human body, no matter the mouth, head or vocal cords were not moved, put in the immanent form of a kind of conversation only: Student within from beginning to end solilo-quize, be given out clearly and hearing every word news. This kind of defect also is a kind very bad read a habit, it affects reading speed and efficiency directly, and correctional it is difficult to rise to be compared again. Use compulsive while oneself understand article content deep, enforce again oneself accelerate the means that reads rate to be able to overcome this kind of bad habit gradually commonly.

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