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Hefei be "bottom line": Virtue teachers engage in paid tutor
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"Paid tutoring and extra lessons, corporal punishment on students, unauthorized absence, ask for money and goods, damage to personal safety and health of students, disturbing social order", which exists in the phenomenon of some teachers who, from now on will be relevant in Hefei warning, dismissal and even expulsion, dismissal of teachers, basis. Hefei, 13 journalists from the Department of Education held a press conference that, from now on, "Ethics in Hefei, teachers deal with violations of the Interim Measures" (the "Interim Measures") will be implemented. Secretary for Education Fangdong Ling Hefei, the "Interim Measures" Ethics in aspects of the detailed provisions, special regulations for handling and processing of personnel to take a combination of approaches, first of its kind in the country.
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