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FIRST online tutor network remote operation mode of Q & A
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Because of the existence of online games, many parents "talk network pale." But with the development of online education in China, parents are gradually changing ideas, because of its convenient, safe mode, the parents gradually accepted the online learning. Internet tutor before the rise in recent years a new tutoring model. Internet tutor mainly by way of live real-time online, by text editing, graphics, voice, video, data upload and storage and other functions, to achieve the function of remote tutoring - online real-time remote communication. And teaching process, the class permanent preservation scenarios can be recorded, students can study until you understand repeated digestion. Some agencies such as the off-site tutoring network, also equipped with a smart pen, write on ordinary writing paper, drawing, rendered instantly on the computer screen, but also when the mouse is used. Tutor network resources located in different places fourth storey of Peking University, Tsinghua University as the founder is a graduate of Beijing University, Beijing University and Tsinghua so by virtue of their advantages in resources, brought together tens of thousands of outstanding professionals Peking University Tsinghua University, part-time students, over the years, the college entrance examination champion and the national first-line teacher, teaching through professional standards and strict quality of teaching, to achieve the elementary, middle and high school-one of the subjects, one to many counseling. Teacher not only has extensive experience in counseling, but also have a stretch of practical teaching experience. There are counseling thousands of students out of a small rise in the beginning of the college entrance examination in the forefront. Remote tutor network "operating Q" is the order to meet the needs of different students a first-line Q & A mode of operation, and found that the price is very low - 100 dollars to be able to ask a teacher to the child guidance month's operation. Now many parents because of busy work, so there is no time to helping children with homework, and now the students out of some very strange questions, the parents will not be able to start out, hire a tutor to the children right, but not afraid of the event good teacher, and trouble, so things become confused parents. Network of remote tutoring "job answering" no doubt bring the convenience to parents, to bring the Gospel to the children, since then, parents no longer have to worry about their children's work. I further recommend: remote tutor network, cut down a pack of cigarettes, you can give your child a Peking University Tsinghua University counseling to the children of university students homework!
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