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Teachers called for a boycott checked Paid Family Paid Family
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Substitute teachers in a school room in their rental offer "student homework remedial classes" for 10 students to provide paid counseling can be verified after the school dismissed. A primary school music teacher training institutions for their participation in school fees and enrollment information, the annual assessment is determined to be ineligible, cancel appraised within three years, the first qualification assessment, the withholding of pay for performance incentives throughout the year, and Criticized in the region. Yesterday, reporter learned from the City Department of Education: January 2010 to 10 months, the City Board of Education a total of 58 reports received from various ethics issues, involving 11 primary schools in 49 urban areas, units directly under the City Board of Education 3. For there after investigation and verification behavior in 7 Paid Family teachers, all administrative departments of education were given a serious treatment-related provisions, of which 3 were criticized, 2 the annual assessment determined to be ineligible, a person suspended reflection, 1 Schools were dismissed. Kwan Fong Wong a teacher Proposal - Paid Family Division refused to recast holy spirit Refused paid tutor, teacher recast holy spirit, yesterday, the national outstanding language teachers, the provincial grade teacher, city leaders of science, Wuhan Huang Qun third boarding school sent to the city's primary and secondary school teachers Proposal - Teachers city colleagues: Power must first strengthen education, strong teacher education must first strengthen. General Secretary Hu Jintao, Premier Wen Jiabao at the National Education Conference of the important speech and the "national long-term education reform and development plan for" the strengthening of Teachers made clear demands placed on the ardent expectations of the teachers, we have much encouraged, feel the heavy responsibility and glorious mission. Currently, however, a small number of teachers engaged in "paid tutor" behavior, but contrary to the ethics requirements of the teacher-student relationship of alienation and increased the burden on students, affecting the image of teachers. We firmly believe that, despite education programs in changing the mode of education is changing, but open the wisdom, heritage of civilization, shaping the personality does not change the essence of education; Although the method of education is changing, the concept of teachers is changing, but the ladder man willing to lead the future, a teacher in his duties of a teacher will not change. Ideal for education, to the ideal of education, we should stand in the sun of the podium, to enhance the quality of life of students to realize their life values. Here, I solemnly given to the city's teachers the following initiatives: First, abide by professional ethics of teachers, promote professionalism dedication, care and help for every student, every student selflessly to promote overall healthy growth. Second, carefully studying educational theory, to improve teaching methods, lesson planning carefully, carefully teaching, improve teaching quality, and strive to solve the difficult students in the classroom. Third, the use of spare time for students in need of counseling to help the obligation, a responsibility to bear more and less talk about one point gains and losses, the image of their own role models for students. Fourth, do not participate, do not organize any form of paid tutor, puts in a lot do not go out without permission or giving lectures, no mobilization, no hint, not to force students to receive various forms of paid tutoring or participate in various forms of remedial classes, training courses, for the formation of atmosphere of a good education to make positive efforts. Fifth, the clean from the education, parents do not take advantage of his position Bianxiang implied solicitation or acceptance of property, not the parents care for their own strong personal affairs, not to sell supplementary materials to students, teachers and education and consciously maintain a good image. Teachers, let us for the healthy growth of every child to fully understand the Paid Family hazards, from me and from now to consciously resist the paid tutor, teacher, clean from teaching, with our self-esteem and devotion, won the students , parents and the community respect. Outstanding language teachers, the provincial grade teacher, subject leaders City
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