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Professional and technical specifications of Anhui post evaluation in primary
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Core tips Yesterday, the province requires further standardize the post evaluation in primary and secondary school teachers in professional and technical work. In the future, engage in paid tutoring to students chaotic mess subscription fees and supplementary information, the adverse effects of corporal punishment on students in the management Work in violation of the relevant policies and regulations or cause errors in the work of professional and technical staff, engagement examination can be directly determined to be ineligible. To post the job set Over the approved level posts in the number of teachers at all levels, we must implement the same standards of urban and rural schools, and pay attention to the urban poor schools and rural schools in remote areas, tilt, in order to attract good teachers to poor schools and rural schools Flow of resources to promote balanced allocation of teachers. Through the portal, etc. to schools, the proportion of social structure to set the situation publicly announce the high schools, in the number of primary jobs, the implementation of the sun operation. Primary and secondary schools in local education authorities under the guidance of human society, according to business unit management positions for reform, insisting that because the incident Shegang principle, improve the status of teachers to set programs and posting in the school Announced. Recommended the implementation of "Morals" one vote veto Primary and secondary schools (rural schools center school units) according to provincial, city and county titles on teachers review policy, combined with the development of refereeing the actual details of the school, after school, after Representative Assembly discussed and adopted Implementation. Title in the annual evaluation of teachers, the school staff to pre-announce the number of types of jobs, vacancies, and our assessment of the number of recommended measures and other relevant policy documents. To be established by the School Leadership (not more than 3), experts (for Employed outside the school), and composed of representatives of key teachers of not less than 7 people refereeing team. After school in the assessment report should be the basic situation of teachers, assessment materials, assessment results in 7 days public notice of the unit, accept their supervision. To reflect and debate on the material, to careful verification. True to the original material, Objection to publicity and survey questions are true, not to be recommended. Declaration of no objection for the publicity materials, school-related department heads to review forms, recommendation forms, review the table to sign the relevant section and so form the views of primary school To be responsible, in charge should sign it and stamp. Recommended the implementation of "Morals" one-vote veto. Teacher engagement examination once every three years Teacher engagement examination every three years, divided into "good", "qualified", "failed" three other times, teaching post examination results as an important basis for reappointment and promotion, assessment unqualified teachers, to reduce employment Or dismissal. Education departments and schools at all levels to formulate the implementation details of teacher engagement examination, quantitative assessment standards and assessment work really good job. In principle, the school management positions part-time by professional and technical personnel in accordance with professional and technical personnel into the Line assessment; teachers have been appointed the corresponding duties of teachers are not teaching posts, in time for dismissal procedures. Engage in paid tutor for violation of the provisions of arbitrary charges and arbitrary to students supplementary subscription information, the adverse effects of corporal punishment on students, in the management of the relevant policies and regulations in violation of or cause errors in the work of professional and technical personnel, Engagement examination can be directly determined to be ineligible.
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