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In order to better carry out family education, family education to help parents update the concept of optimal environment for the growth of young people, Shandong Province, "online parent schools" officially opened on 23. By "online parent schools", Shandong, parents can be realized with more than 100 well-known education, psychology experts to network or SMS communication. According to reports, Shandong Province, "online parent schools" mainly in Shandong province, 18 million for the 25 million parents of minors and Family Education. "Online parent schools" established a national and contains more than 100 well-known education experts in Shandong province, psychology, family education specialist team of experts has been set up "hot tutor" "parent class" "Expert Online", "synchronized care" of 11 columns nearly 40 sub-sections, and to open the video window and interactive column, forum. Comprehensive utilization of the network can, SMS and other means, in a timely manner to parents answering questions, and organize parents to participate in a variety of Wang Xiao line entities in family education and training and practice.
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