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Hefei tutor teaching results led to a wonderful hot amazing
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Yun Chi, Hefei local physical training as a professional high school physics tutoring center, the sudden emergence of the last two years, relying on excellent quality of teaching and teaching effectiveness attracted amazing hot parties, Hefei, tutoring has become a wonderful work.

Physics could be so simple student exclaimed ----

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sp; physical setting as a high school course a subject of great difficulty, indeed, many students in the learning process was unusual in the difficult, a lot of knowledge of the classroom too difficult to get good digestion and absorption. As a result, have resorted to extra-curricular counseling. Yun Chi-physical characteristics of tutor training, counseling for individual students in different teaching situations, so most students have a significant improvement of physical performance. Seven high school student in Hefei, Lin Yu Yang, described by acquaintances to the tutoring center, for the actual situation of its foundation is weak, special way to take one to one tutoring. November enrollment, academic performance in middle and lower class, after 12 separate courses counseling, mock exam in January, the physical scored 88 points on their achievements, and ranks first in the class. Lin Yu Yang could not believe his strength, address him by surprise: the physical learning could be so simple!

Parents of children performed significantly improve the evaluation of ----

In fact, not only the physical achievements of students felt that the progress made, that is, even the parents feel their children's learning has been changed. Zhang Manli of Grade Ten in Hefei, in the absence attend counseling before the most failed the test of physical and learning to no avail, although the study very hard but the effect is not obvious, that parents are anxious to follow. Thus, in October 2009 took part in the run after school physical intellectual guidance, and has been attendant to the present, the physical results achieved remarkable progress, and stabilized at 90 points or more, and then the top two or class. "The children significantly improved results, is run the most powerful intellectual physical proof of the quality of education," said Zhang Manli parents pleased.

Physical characteristics of high media coverage counseling ----

Good teaching results not only won the popular students and parents, the race also attracted the media reports, Yun Chi tutor original physical model of the physical approach, intellectual property, specifically grams of various physical and learning difficult, with many years of physical teaching experience, a knowledge system from top to bottom, so that mastery of the knowledge points, permanent memorable; use of highly concentrated problem-solving model, students learn, that learning is used; Finally, targeted training of physical thinking. Yun Chi-physical training, with its three Physics features are Hefei local media as "high school physics of the Whampoa Military Academy," has aroused strong repercussions in the local.

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