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I am the schoolgirl is not afraid of maths
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Be called by the outside the Zhejiang university grave of prospective mathematician cradle becomes class of tung maths person of outstanding ability yesterday (on August 18, similarly hereinafter) interview, share 29 outstanding students to attend, 16 people win out. Will undertake a second-round exam today, define final list. Among them the identity that first time of a Chengdu girl gives birth to with liberal art is seleted second-round exam list.

Setting: Class of person of outstanding ability fosters prospective mathematician

Zhejiang university grave becomes class of tung maths person of outstanding ability is by academician of American country academy of sciences, the Chinese Academy of Sciences lecture of Ha Fo university of first foreign nationality academician, United States is taught, Qiu Chengtong of director of center of Zhejiang university maths began to build 2005, what also become tung because of grave is famous spend and get attention fully.

Qiu Chengtong class is annual the dimensions of recruit students student all is controlled in 15 people. Using the United States to breath out Buddha university maths is program of undergraduate course training and teaching material, pursue key education and personalized education, invite division of name of global famous education to teach; The student graduates in undergraduate course for the most part succeed add is taken an examination of grind, go abroad take advanced courses etc, the school also is met a batch of outstanding graduate go to select the world-famous university such as university of university of American haing Buddha, Stanford university, Princeton university, Masschusetts Institute of Technology, Yale, Colombia assiduously studies a doctor's degree.

Qiu Chengtong is being held in the arms to class of this person of outstanding ability very big expect, he hopes to be able to walk out of leader of prospective maths group from here.

Interview: The person ability that likes maths gets good cent

Join interview student, do a basis by big recruit students of short for Zhejiang Province first new data of a student is chosen, go out definitely according to student circumstance signing up next, share nearly 300 outstanding students to sign up this year.

The 29 people that join interview are " outstanding medium outstanding person " . Reporter spot statistic, count the event that manage turns only, average per capita wins a prize be in 3 above. This batch of students also are not what can read only is bookish, if the Yan that comes from Shaanxi altogethers, 7 years old undertake with respect to courtyard of the body that enter a province ping-pong major trains, it is ping-pong ace; The Li Yao that comes from Tsinghua attached middle school is clarinet 5 class happy hand.

When interview, what professors are interested most is the strong point that hears a student to talk about his, allow student spot act even. Speak of mathematical problem, take an examination of officials to be able to give examinee a chalk directly, spot figure.
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