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Nursery school is high collect fees difficult processing
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On August 26 " neat Lu Wan signs up for " report, in the light of socially resonant and strong nursery school is high collect fees problem, xu Mei of spokesman of news of Ministry of Education expresses 25 days, ministry of Education pays close attention to this very much, reforming in positive harmonious development at present appoint wait for relevant section with the Ministry of finance, preparation publishs the temporary measure of nursery school rate.

As illuminative education of the mankind, preschool education is the main component that the foundation teachs. However, in recent years, collect fees as a few nursery school ceaseless and rising, many average households are immersed in trouble; Have more very person, certain nursery school year collect fees exceed an university far unexpectedly, make because a lot of children collect fees the problem is tripping go up in the scratch line. Below this kind of circumstance, making nursery school rate is very necessary, but the author thinks, want effective keep within limits " day price nursery school " phenomenon, make rate merely far insufficient still.

Because,this is, preschool education belongs to blame obligation to teach level, a few nursery school are OK ground of one is assured and bold with justice asks " collect fees partake " , its often are the parent became main undertaker as a result. Sincere be said like Xu Mei of spokesman of news of Ministry of Education, "Collect fees reasonably partake it is tall that the mechanism is not meant absolutely collect fees, more be not being meant is to collect fees in disorder " . Accordingly, the problem is thrown to go up in nursery school funds, truly reasonable partake the mechanism should be government, nursery school and domestic tripartite are participated in, if oversight governmental responsibility, rate just searchs a balance between nursery school and family, such responsibility partakes hard just, reasonable, make both sides very hard also satisfactory.

Preschool education career has social commonweal sex, in recent years, advance rapidly of rate of a few nursery school, because throw serious inadequacy to children education career, a lot of public nursery school change in succession make, of all kinds the private nursery school that aims to seek profits is like emerge, and superintend did not catch up with this kind changes however, accordingly, nursery school is high collect fees with respect to unavoidable.

Confront this kind of phenomenon, rate of clear nursery school is admittedly important, but the investment of right amount finance that guarantees pair of children education careers, aggrandizement position of its market dominant is more significant however. Only such, ability reflects the social welfare function of nursery school truly, make collect fees the level can be accepted by the masses. Conversely, if do not have right amount finance investment to do safeguard, appear possibly two kinds of circumstances -- or is rate exorbitant, the parent is accepted hard; Or is rate too low, nursery school is afterwards hard.
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