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First 3 good gracious female disrelish unexpectedly " read useless " want to lea
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"In a few more days terms begins read first 3, all along very lovely daughter does not want to read unexpectedly, she says ' read useless ' , I this how advise daughter? " 23 days, of fierce prosperous area thank a lady to call our newspaper to appeal, ling of its daughter Ling (alias) in Wu Chang area an average junior high school reads, achievement is in class of this school key the upper reaches in the platoon in many 50 student, draw near term begins she is hit unexpectedly " retreat a kind of drum used in Chinese operas " .

Overnight, university of Wuhan of our newspaper specially invite hires professor, China division to add Yin Dengan of central manage expert especially, hubei economy institute is outstanding college graduate Hou Ting, special as communicative as Ling Ling family 2 hours.

The parent appeals anxiously: Darling daughter says unexpectedly " read useless "

Before meeting, xie Nv person tells a reporter: "The daughter learned in the past all the time very self-conscious, I and her father value the daughter's education very much, let her go up the class that earth up actor, learn a two-stinted bowed instrument with a lower register than Jingo, attend a two-stinted bowed instrument with a lower register than Jingo to take an examination of class to still be obtained ' 3 class are outstanding ' , the composition also is well written. Want be daughter place need only, we satisfy her. But a few days ago, school announcement made up a missed lesson on August 24, she says suddenly however to did not want to read, still say to calculate attend a college, find the job very hard also. Find the job very hard also..

Through a day of advise that advise in earnest, ling Ling reluctance promises to go to the school making up a missed lesson on time, but study attitude is very negative still.


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