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Schoolboy of second year in high school hears word of the university entrance ex
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The exam suffers a defeat, the student of second year in high school of a key high school is heard " the university entrance exam " be scared, faint a few times in the classroom even, but suspend one's schooling is in the home, parents demands medical service everywhere for this. Yesterday, the doctor says distressedly, teenage psychology development is undesirable the psychological defense mechanism that bring about is diseased, what ought to cause the parent and teacher is alert.

This year 18 years old roc roc (alias) from small introvert, the friend is very few, but study result is very good all the time. This year, his school in June suffers a defeat in the exam, achievement glides considerably.

At the beginning of July, the school organizes summer vacation time to make up a missed lesson, roc roc begin to be opposite " the university entrance exam " , " achievement " , " fractional line " , " key university " etc the word is very sensitive, want a teacher to mention afore-mentioned words only, he quivers all over, then breathes dripping wet of difficult, kubla khah, faint a few times in the ground even, the doctor suggests to go psychological division sees a doctor. After this, roc roc suspend one's schooling, be in all the day the home and pet cat amuse oneself.

Before a month, parents takes him to go to university of Wuhan science and technology division of sanitation of accessary hospital spirit is begged treat. Doctor Hu Yiwen undertook to him psychology checks, the result shows, roc roc angst and depressed symptom are spent in having, because look too again to exam result, bring about neurological stimulant exorbitant, appear then faint such " acute angst breaks out " symptom. Interrogation is informed, roc roc parental job is very busy, mix fondly quite to him indulge, ask he has learned only. Roc roc ever said, he learns hard is " dispute reputation for parents " .

Hu Yiwen says, the parent pays attention to the stand or fall of child achievement too, ignore its psychology to grow, bring about mechanism of child psychology defense easily diseased, once encounter a setback to be at a loss what to do, or the choice escapes (than) of as above net, or behavior " degrade " , will replace affective expression and drain with pet cat.

Hu Yiwen suggests, the parent should smoke time to accompany the child to do the business that they like, do not want annals of strong with special care or doting indulge at the same time, once discover the child has unusual move, should take step in time correctional.


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