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"Opening syndrome " black clouds is enveloping a student
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[case study] parents forces piece fear learning a mood

"Term begins is tall 3, or else clutchs do not think good university, do not want to find what good job more later. " city psychology referral center Dr. Cheng Wengong tells little outpatient service the reporter, the small patient that has many coming that see a doctor is be forced give those who fear learning a mood by parents so. Of pressure of the university entrance exam in be faced with originally they, below the appearance of parental lively, first 3 tall 3 look complete darkness, generation of a few students escapes psychology.

The expert raises action:

The pressure of accurate senior of Dr. Cheng Wengong is original very big, so parents should learn to release pressure for the child more, adjust mood, enter study state with measurable insecurity. In parents the child that the university entrance exam prepares for war below high pressure often can lack the self-confident, life success or failure that can measure his only with achievement. So, parents might as well attempt appreciably lets go, develop the ability that he himself chooses and handles school work, preparing for war the study in the process of the university entrance exam is in charge of for his future.

Be immersed in network strong interest hard enter a school

Like a raging fire of Olympic Games match, undergraduate work is fresh and substantial, these cannot move completely indulge the small A classmate that the net swims, obtain after the university entrance exam " liberate " his paste two months net swims, to going to an university to report for duty a bit interest is done not have. Network of adolescent of city psychology referral center becomes addiction outpatient service many resembling is received in summer vacation small A such patient. Always emerge ceaselessly in these student brain the setting on the idea that get online and network, need increases the time that get online ceaselessly, ability acquires contented move. To get online, they not hesitate abandon making friendly, study, do not have a meal even, do not wash gargle; Encounter a problem, can return a network only, paralytic oneself, abreact mood.

The expert raises action:

Dr. Du Yasong shows controller of this outpatient service, online time is too long, the interest that can cause right study is abate, chill to human association. And giddy, sleep-disorder also can appear to wait on physiology unwell, serious can bring about immune function to reduce, mentally is serious can produce suicidal idea and action. Cognitive behavior treatment is current the most commonly used method that treats net addiction, through challenging the immanent notion of the person that the network becomes addiction, help them be built afresh pair of networks, right the ego, manner to the world and behavior, change their network to become the action of addiction. Group therapy and domestic cure also are commonly used treatment method. In addition, still a few medicaments also can have the effect of further curative effect, if fight depressed agent, fight angst agent.
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